Saturday, April 23, 2016

Astrology chart of Prince

Now that Prince died, strange stories about his private life keep popping up. In my country someone memorized that she refused an invitation to see Prince in his room out of fear for a gang bang. That seemed a little odd, but it keeps coming. The Fifty Shades turn pale when you read about torture rooms, dominance (women not allowed to look him in the eyes and lovers kicked out of bed). Now what about the chart? Here is the chart with transits and progressions of the day that he died. 

 His birth chart has an important Mars. Mars is the planet of enterprise, action, sex... Because Mars is an outer planet and is the first outer planet to rise before the Sun, Mars is important. Mars is in the 5th house of entertainment, inconjunct ruler 1 (Pluto). Hugh Hefner has that, too. Mars inconjunct Pluto is the symbol of being powerless or overdoing 'it' when it comes to sex.

His 'shining' star, Mars rising before the Sun, the angularity of Moon and Pluto...It all points at an active person, sometimes snobbish who demands attention (perhaps because of enormous needs and desires). The combination of fire and earth point at creativity, just like Moon in Pisces trine Neprune does. Venus square Uranus is frequent in the charts of modern pop singers with sense of rhythm, while Mercury in Gemini as final ruler of the Midheaven-routing is a nice statement for a profession that needs the use of voice and/or pen.  The Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces and Ascendant Scorpio make a complicated and secretive character (did you see his house and studio?).  Universal Tao Products has a nice description of the combination of Sun Gemini and Moon Pisces here:

When his little son died in 1996, transit Pluto quindecile natal Sun mirrored a strong obsession and intense drama. In his natal chart Pluto is quintile Sun (for creative survival) and the parallel aspect between Sun and Pluto shows us the importance of this quintile. Wanting to dominate in a creative way? 

This year Pluto had been inconjunct natal Sun. This transit points at a period of tests and danger. On his last day, transit Neptune was inconjunct Progressed MC. Doesn't Neptune always pop up when there is mystery or when there are drugs, alcohol or medication involved? Neptune also pops up when rumors start...

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