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Robert Freegard, Thierry Tilly and astrology

This blog is about the striking similarities in the charts of two conmen with a sort of a similar way to control a group of persons by imposing as a hero who is saving their endangered lives. It is an amazing story! But even more amazing is, that their Astro ID*) look so much alike! On the days that they were born the same planet (Mars) rises before the Sun and they also share four not aspected ('calling') planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn and Uranus).

Thierry Tilly, a French conman, has been sentenced to 8 years in prison this week. I read a few lines of his story and I immediately thought of Robert Freegard. In 2009 I wrote about master conman Robert Freegard. This young man managed to keep a group of students under control for more than 10 years (!!!) by imposing as a sort of a James Bond. They would only be safe as they did what he told them to do and remained isolated from the rest of society. They were poor, lonely and sad for years. It is an incredible story for those who were not part of that group.
Freegard was born March 1, 1971.

Thierry Tilly, his French counterpart, was born on March 29, 1964. He controlled a rich French family of aristocrats. In 10 years time he got 4,5 million euro to save them from ' evil'. There are links below for those who wonder how he did that.  It is unbelievable that he succeeded, but he did.
I find it interesting that it isn't just the crime that has the same ingredients! Here is the picture of the positions on their days of birth and a list of similarities.
Position on birth day Tilly and (in green, transit) positions of Freegard

Robert Freegard and Thierry Tilly share some of their Astro I.D.:

1. Sun 'calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That makes them 'leading'. They draw attention and are in the center of it in any possible way.  They have strong ego's. People born on March 1, 1971 or March 29, 1964 want to be 'seen'.

2. Mars is also 'calling'. That is for the workaholic and the person whose energy can reach any possible level (up or down).

3. Mars rises before the Sun. That means that they have an orientation on action. People with such a position of Mars tend to be aggressive, assertive and 'do-ers'. They are the activists and the driven kind of people.

4. Saturn is 'calling' for ambition at any level.

5. Uranus is 'calling', too. Add this to Saturn and what you get is the issue of limited freedom or breaking free. They both saw prison from inside.

Robert Freegard and Thierry Tilly are both active and driven 'leaders' with an issue: they wanted to cross borders. And they did!

Interesting is, that Freegard is a Pisces and that Tilly has un unaspected Neptune. It takes at least SOME fantasy to create a new reality for others.
Tilly also has Sun quindecile Quaoar (an obsession regarding creating a new world). Freegard was only 21 when he started his 'game' in a period of Progressed Sun semi square Saturn and conjunct Pallas.
Tilly was already 34/35 in 1999, when he met one of the family members and was introduced in the family, during Progressed Sun trine Pluto. It was 'game over' in 2009, with Progressed Sun inconjunct Quaoar (lost brave new world:) and Transit Neptune square Progressed Sun (isolation, confusion).

Of course not everybody born on the same day as these conmen are cons! There are many ways to break free, be in the center of attention etcetera.  Gender, genes, social position and culture, together with the chart (with hour of birth) produce a variety of possible characters and lives.

It is thought provoking that two persons born on different days with an almost completely similar Astro ID did the same thing and that not everybody born on their days of birth did that same thing. Two sides of a coin?

*) Your ID shows special marks. So does your Astro ID. Special marks are made by not aspected planets, angular positions and by the planet rising before the Sun.


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