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Transits, progressions and the charts of MH370

The houses and compounds of the pilots of the Malaysian airplane that vanished 8 days ago have been searched now that it is certain that a skilled person deliberately switched off the means to follow and find the plane. The chart of the person in charge (and most responsible for the safety of the group) is always very important for what happens to the group.

I found the dates of birth of both pilots (not the hours of births) and publish them here for you to study. Charts don't give answers in a who-done-it and don't tell right from wrong. They just mirror situations and mirrors can be diffuse. What is clear is, that Mars-Uranus again accompanies a nasty incident.

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In my opinion, the transits and progressions and some of the natal aspects are disturbing, given the circumstances. Risks of incidents and accidents (or terror) are mirrored by Mars-Uranus and risks of death by Mars-Saturn. These combinations pop up in both of the charts.  There is always a risk when you are a pilot and there is speed. That could explain same of the natal aspects. I don’t have the charts of many pilots to see if there is a correspondence regarding Mars-Uranus or Mars-Saturn. But the transits and progressions (the charts of this period and that day) warned for increased risks, also. 

The 1st officer of MH370 was 53 year old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, born July 31, 1961 in Penang (source:     )
There is a rumor that his family left in a hurry, the day before the flight, but maybe that is rumor… His co workers and friends told the press about a fanatic lover of planes and flying, who constructed a simulator at home…

With an eye on the circumstances, I had a look at the chart of the day of birth, with transits and progressions. I also included the progressed chart, with transits and progressions. This is what I noticed:

He is a Leo, with Pisces Moon and Sun square Neptune (semi sextile Pluto). There is a Yod, involving Venus and Uranus sextile, both inconjunct Saturn.
The of Sun and Moon with Sun square Neptune and semi sextiele Pluto tells us something about his character.  He may not be the person that we see (Sun-Neptune: idolization) and that he is discrete (Sun Neptune Pluto) or that there is some mystery around him (Sun Neptune Pluto).
The Yod Venus-Saturn-Uranus points at suppressed tension or sudden separation and some kind of detachment. 
Persons born on that day are more subtle than we see them.

There is Mars/Uranus conjunct Pluto and that is the midpoint combination of sudden disaster and calamities. This doesn’t mean that he was born to crash, it means that he was born with an intense short fuse or hurry that could get him into trouble when accelerating or when he wanted to make drastic changes at once.
Progressed chart captain + transits of March 8, 2014

Here is the natal with transit and above progressions and transits (click to enlarge):

There is a disturbing tight aspect combination in the progressed chart: progressed Mars is exactly square progressed Saturn and exactly semi square progressed Pluto. Mars-Saturn-Pluto is the combination of violent or unnatural death as an issue or theme (see the links, scroll down).
There is also a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Libra, semi square Pluto and Mercury is square Saturn, so that we have Mercury and Mars in conflict with Saturn and Pluto. Saturn’s sesquisquare with Pluto completes the lot, but that is not all. Venus is conjunct Uranus (remember the natal Venus sextile Uranus?) and inconjunct Jupiter (a pleasant relief, a positive change).
Die hard discussions, adventures and the danger of unnatural death(s) were part of the picture this period, but also joy and excitement mentioned in the progressed chart and in the transits (Transit Mars sextile progressed Venus and square progressed Jupiter).

How about the other transists? Saturn semi sextile Mars (act of fear or duty, dead end) is repeating the progressed square of Mars and Saturn.  Mars square Jupiter (successful action) and sextile Venus however, speaks of joy and success. It is possible that the incident happened in a rather joyful period, but that would also contradict the possibility of a deliberate suicide act (unless he was a fanatic terrorist).

The 2nd pilot was born on April 1, 1987 (source : ). I don’t know where or what the hour of birth is. On the day of the flight transit Jupiter was square his natal Sun and Uranus conjunct his natal Sun (a relief) and semi square his Mars (incident). It is rather contradictory, and there are multiple explanations for this. He could be in a period of positive changes while the incident happened.

Progressed Sun trine Neptune is descriptive of what happened: he vanished. A progression with Neptune is development direction seclusion or withdrawal. His progressed Sun was also semi sextile Jupiter, so that we get the combination of the audience, the fans and followers or beliefs. Speculations are part of Jupiter-Neptune, and also religion.

Just like his captain, he had the natal Sun square Neptune at birth (and, if born early, also inconjunct Pluto). The fact that it is a mystery where he is, is corresponding with the theme of mystery around him.
Fariq Abdul Hamid was only 26, thinking of getting married (they say) and recently portrayed as a smoker (Sun-Neptune!) who invited ladies into the cabin. He was, they said, very friendly.

Here is the chart of the day of birth, transits and progressions. What does his chart say about his character?
Fariq, natal, transits, progressions (click for larger picture)

First of all, that he was an international, a traveller, someone positive with big ideals and dreams. He also had a hot temper and a short fuse (Mars inconjunct Uranus in the natal chart). His Mars is calling (a workaholic, action/aggression at any kind of level).
At the time of the incident transit Mars resonated the natal aspects by means of an inconjunct to his natal Mars, accompanied by transit Uranus semi square the natal Mars AND in minor aspect with Uranus (105 d) . So we have: T Mars inconjunct natal Mars, T Uranus semi square natal Mars and Mars inconjunct Uranus in the natal chart.
The natal inconjunct of Mars-Uranus speaks of accidents or incidents due to mechanical disturbance, terrorism or unusual spead or manoeuvres was activated at the time. Risk taking with a loss involved, that is what it says and it doesn’t say why.

The Jupiter of Fariq trine the Sun of Zaharie is a positive sign in synastry. It means trust, protection, support and reliance. There is no conflict between the charts. With the shared Sun-Neptune aspect they will either share the same ideas or ideals or they won’t know about each other’s real lives and see idolize each other (or see each other in a negative light, depending on circumstances).  There are also mutual Mars-Saturn aspects between the charts. Mars-Saturn is the aspect of disciplinary measures and appears in various articles on my site, but in an earlier case the Mars-Saturn synastry showed up when one person tried to stop another person’s acts. (The possibility remains that both tried to stop another person’s acts, of course).

Synastry of two pilots

I calculated the chart of the take off in Kuala Lumpur  for March 8 at 00:41 in Kuala Lumpur. Here is that chart with transits of the day of birth of the captain.

The chart of the take off in Kuala Lumpur had Neptune on the IC (ruler 4) and Moon (ruler 8) on the Descendant. As Neptune is the symbol of ‘to vanish’ and ‘the sea’ this is a strange coincidence. Planes take off more often with Neptune and Moon on an angle, of course and maybe even also with ruler 1 in the 8th house of crisis, too. Still, it is a strange picture of the birth of a flight that later vanished. 
Chart of departure and transits of dob of captain (click for larger picture)
PS the Mars/Uranus midpoint of the captain is on Midheaven.

4 cases of Mars-Saturn synastry: abduction, heroic fight, attacker-victim and a mismatch in politics (Brown and Blair).

See the article on group fate and individual charts:

In case of a disaster, the charts of individuals rarely give an answer to the question ‘why’. That is because their personal experience is subject to something that they can’t change or handle. It doesn’t matter who you are, it  only matters where you are.  In some cases very positive aspects help survive, while hard aspects don’t help at all.

It usually takes more than 2 indications in the same direction when major events happen (rule of 3). When the Ascendant, MC and Moon degree are unknown because of the unknown hour of birth, a lot of information is missing. We also miss the progressed MC, progressed Ascendant, progressed Moon, house positions and the midpoint Sun/Moon. Many are born on the same days. They have the same disturbing planet combinations and will probably (one way or another) experience some kind of incident or accident, and maybe even will have to deal with the theme of unnatural death (not necessarily theirs) and/or some kind of surgery. When you were born on July 31,  1961 or April 1, 1987: take care and don’t hurry, but also don’t worry. When it comes to it, all charts have to be seen in the light of culture, social position, the past, age, gender and circumstances. Your chart is the mirror of your character and situation. You are not your chart. That is why there are lots of people born on the same day, who die another day.



When in transit or progression there is a similar aspect combination as in the natal chart, the corresponding situation or events are more important than without such a resonance.

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