Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is Ixion? Let's test it...

Ixion is a Plutino in the Kuiper Belt, discovered on May 22,  2001 and a bit smaller than Ceres (a category dwarf planet) is. In Greek mythology Ixion, father of the Centaurs, is a bad host and even worse guest who ruined his second chance (given by Jupiter) and ended on a fiery wheel, turning in Hades forever and ever. 

There is little study done on Ixion, up to now. He might be the symbol of the second chance, forgiveness, ungratefulness or 'the bad guy' inside or outside ourselves. In the Zero Aries chart of the Netherlands, Ixion is opposition MC and last week the 'bad guy' appeared in the shape of a politician who is about to be prosecuted and isolated because of what he said. His Ixion is conjunct Mars and Uranus was quindecile this Mars-Ixion conjunction last week.

How about your Ixion? If Ixion has an important place in your natal chart (say in conjunction or opposition with a fast moving planet, Sun, Moon, Sun/Moon or Ascendant or MC) the issue of 'gratitude' or 'second chance' or the 'bad guy without moral' could be very important in your life. When transit Ixion is in hard aspect with your chart, you could have to make a choice whether or not to allow a second chance or to be or not to be a host or guest. You could even meet the 'ungrateful dog' in person! This might also happen when there is a progressed aspect with Ixion. Better test it!

So where is Ixion now? In 2014 Ixion moves between 19d56 and 22d10 Sagittarius. knows it all:

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