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Love and Venus in the progressed chart

When love is in the air, love is in the sky above. This must be the conclusion when you see the examples of charts  in times of marriage or divorce. Venus is the symbol of love. And love has many faces. So it is not surprising to see all kinds of aspects with progressed Venus or progressed aspects with natal or progressed Venus when there are changes in love life, wether it is the beginning or the end of a relationship. (And of course: there are other astrological ways to get married, for example with progressed sunsigns changing). 
  • Sun-Venus seems to point at love life and sometimes at the ‘love of your life’. 
  • Moon-Venus is for falling in love (and being in the mood for love). 
  • Venus-Mars is for passion. 
  • Venus-Jupiter is perfect for celebrations. 
  • Venus-Uranus is for tension (pleasant or not) 
  • With Venus-Saturn and Venus-MC formal weddings start and end. 
  • Venus-Neptune is for the romantic affair (often secret or platonic love) 
  • With Venus-Pluto love is intense or 'renewed'. 
These aspects don't mean that you need to fall in love or get married again. Venus-Uranus sometimes changes preferences and brings new pleasures and hobbies. Venus-Pluto sometimes points at a financial situation or difficult choices to make. And there are more reasons for celebrations (Venus-Jupiter) than a marriage...Here is a list of examples of progressed Venus or progressed aspects with Venus related to marriage, divorce and meeting the partner of your life. Continue to see them...

There are lots of reasons to get married or not and sometimes people have ‘ cold feet’. That is why there are not just pleasant progressions and transits, like Venus-Jupiter, the combination for a party. Venus-Saturn combinations (and Venus-MC) resonate the formal wedding. Venus-Uranus adds tension and sensation (and sometimes this means that you are in love).

1.  Venus-Saturn and Venus-Moon
a. When Princess Irene married Prince Carlos, she had transit Saturn opposition progressed Venus and conjunct progressed Moon. Her parents didn't attend the controversial wedding and (much) later she divorced.

b. In the year of her marriage with Diego de Rivera (an artist) Frida Kahlo had the very fortunate progression of Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon was sextile MC and also square Venus and Pluto for intense feelings of being in love. The progressed Moon also was trine progressed Venus. She must have been very much in love with Diego. The second time she married him P Moon was conjunct P Venus.

2. Sun-Venus
a. Javier Bardem married Penelope Cruz with his progressed Sun conjunct his Venus-Saturn conjunction.

b. When Soraya married the Persian Sjah at age 26, she had progressed Venus conjunct Sun. She never married another man.

3.  Venus-Uranus and Venus-MC
Prince Charles married Diana when his progressed Venus was conjunct natal Uranus and progressed Midheaven inconjunct natal Venus.

4. Venus-Ascendant 
The wedding date of Princess Victoria might have been selected by an astrologer:). In the progressed chart for June 19, the Progressed Ascendant will be square progressed Venus. That is a classical reflection of getting married.

5. Progressed synastry

a. In the early days of their marriage Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson had Venus on their sides. His progressed Venus was opposition her progressed MC and her progressed Venus was close to his progressed Sun in those days.

b. When King Harald V met his wife Sonja, his progressed Sun was conjunct Saturn, ruler 7. Her progressed Venus was inconjunct his Mars. His progressed Mars was trine his progressed Sun and Saturn and his progressed Venus was square her progressed Sun. A rather complicated picture, but it shows controlled passion and a period of strong love.

6. Midheaven conjunct Venus

The first marriage of Frida Kahlo and Diego de Rivero ended in a divorce. He had an affair with her younger sister! But in 1940 they married again! Her progressed MC was conjunct Venus and Pluto (and her progressed Moon conjunct progressed Venus and the solar return chart has Moon conjunct Sun (all indicating love and marriage) and...with Jupiter on the MC for a celebration!

1. Progressed Venus conjunct Moon
Priscilla Presley's progressed Sun was square Jupiter and Elvis Presley's progressed Venus was conjunct his Moon when they met and fell in love.

2. Progressed Venus conjunct Saturn and square Progressed Uranus

Camilla met Charles for the first time when her progressed Venus was conjunct her Saturn and square her progressed Uranus. He didn’t seem to notice her (yet)

Venus + Mars
When Queen Victoria lost her husband Albert, progressed Venus was square her natal Mars and in the progressed chart Moon was square Midheaven.
A very important indication of what was to happen is in the solar return chart: Sun square Saturn and Neptune on Midheaven.”

Divorces change lives, too. Sun-Uranus shows the enstrangement. Venus-Saturn combinations pop up in the charts of men when they have to go because of an affair and Saturn-Saturn combinations illustrate the final countdown:

1. Venus + Saturn
A woman's husband left her with her progressed Sun opposition Pluto (ruler 1). He had Venus inconjunct Saturn in the progressed Chart (so: progressed Venus inconjunct progressed Saturn) and the progressed Ascendant square Saturn.

2. Venus + Midheaven
Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock and they separated with:
-Progressed Venus was almost exactly square natal Midheaven
- The ruler of the Descendant in the progressed chart is Jupiter, now opposition transit Uranus (and that is often indicating sudden relief)
- Progressed Uranus is inconjunct natal Sun. Uranus is for enstrangement.
- Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Saturn
Saturn is for endings...

3. Venus + Uranus and Venus  + Ascendant
Transit Uranus at 22d43m Pisces is exactly conjunct her Progressed Venus and both are square the progressed Ascendant.
That was one of the indications when Princess Elena of Spain divorced.

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PS here you see the progressed Venus on Midheaven when Coco Chanel fell in love with a German officer.

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