Friday, January 28, 2011

Chart of King George VI

The movie 'The King's speech' is about the speech impediment of King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II of England. He had to learn how to speak without a stutter. Stutter is (to the audience) a fast way of repeating and repeating parts of words. George VI was fast: his Mars is 'calling' (unaspected) ahead of Mercury and Sun. See the chart:

King George was not supposed to be king at all, even though he had a Leo Midheaven and even though AC/MC is in hard aspect with the Sun:). Just like Henry VIII he was the brother of the future king to be. And just like King Henry VIII he has a prominent Jupiter. Many royals have a prominent Jupiter (see the label 'royalty' for their charts). Indeed, they have a privileged position and travel a lot. Also watch Ceres square Ascendant: this prominent Ceres points at the importance of dynasties, genes and DNA.

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Unknown said...

please tell me more about ceres relations to royalty!

Astromarkt said...

Hi Leslie, Cerea is related to dynasties and genes (seeds, too), not specifically to royal families. When Ceres is important the basic things (nutrition, motherhood, genes) are of importance. For a king it is important to belong to a certain dynasty.

More abt Ceres? Use the label or see

Thanks for asking!