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Astropost: Chart and life of Evita Peron

Read Astropost: Chart and life of Evita Peron to see the B-rated chart of Evita Perron. The post is about the importance of progressions (and transits with progressions), resonating the most important events. You don't need to use the link if you just want to know how the most important step in her career/life (leaving home town at age 15) was reflected by progressions and transits.

Her progressed sunsign changed at age 13/14. She was becoming a good looking woman, preparing to change her life. The first aspect in the new sign of the astrological zodiac sort of 'colours' the new episode. That first aspect was a quintile with Juno, the symbol of the married woman. Life changed, indeed and later getting married was important for more change. Moving to Buenos Aires was important, but her marriage would completely change her lifestyle.

When she met Juan Peron progressed Midheaven trine Venus is reflecting love (Venus) and the wish coming true (MC trine Venus). When she married Juan Peron, transit Pluto was sextile progressed Sun and quindecile the progressed Midheaven. She was already ill, and this combination shows a period of intense living (now or never).

AGE 15
Her progressed chart shows how her life changed at age 15, when she left her home town and went to Buenos Aires. This was 'supported' by a lot of progressions and transits. They show us that it was time for a change in status and situation (MC, twice; and Pholus-Ascendant) and time for more fun (Venus-Jupiter), but with a bit of resentment, too (Moon-Saturn).
Important periods almost always are characterised by the abundancy of progressions and transits. There are a lot of aspects at age 15, but, a b-rated chart like Evita Peron's has a problem. We can't fully trust the aspects of Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon. There are two aspects of value in any chart rating and they are: Progressed Sunsign changing + P Venus conjunct Jupiter. They are the reflection of changing life style and more fun, luxury and joy.

See the list:

1. The Progressed Sun having changed sign (new lifestyle)
2. Progr. Sun trine MC (smooth spotlight on career)
3. Progr. Midheaven square Sun (effort to reach a sunny perspective or fame)
4.-7. Progr. Moon trine Venus and conjunct Saturn, sesquisquare Jupiter and trine Pluto (lots of joy and fun and success, but also a sad moment to remember)
8. Progr. Venus conjunct Jupiter (pleasure, parties; a successful lady)
9. Progressed Mercury (ruler 5th house of the other gender and entertainment) conjunct the Progr. Ascendant.
10. Transit Pholus was trine Progressed Ascendant (easy turning point in a growing/changing situation)

With so many progressions and transits at the time, change was to be expected. No matter how hard life was in Buenos Aires, anything was better than to stay where she was, in Los Toldos (sorry, Los Toldos:).

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