Monday, January 17, 2011

Progressions, Pholus and Steve Jobs.

Astropost's January posts are dedicated to the progressed chart. Progressions are indicating developments (changes in the long term). Pholus is the symbol of the turning point. With transit Pholus in hard aspect with a progressed Sun, Moon, AC, MC or planet there is a turning point in a developing career or life in general. Here are some examples, like Steve Jobs (Apple).

The examples show you the effect of Pholus:
  • Whoopi Goldbergs' transit Pholus conjunt Progressed Mercury when she 'confessed' to have been unfaithful in the past (turning point in communications)
  • L. Ron Hubbards had transit Pholus square Progressed Sun when he became a religious leader (turning point in lifestyle)
  • Ricky Martin had his ' coming out' with transit Pholus semi square AC/MC (the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven; it means a complete turning point)
  • Silvio Berlusconi surprisingly won regional elections with transit Pholus was sextile his Progressed Mars (and P Mars on AC/MC): that is for an easy twist of faith in a battle.
  • Among other indications progressed Venus was conjunct natal Pholus when a dog bit the lips of Maradonna. That might have been a turning point in affection or preferences;)
  • Father Murphy (not the television character) had progressed Venus quindecile Pluto at age 25, when he became a priest and started abusing boys.

Today Steve Jobs announced that he needs to stop working because of his health. And Pholus was there...Continue for the charts...

Steve Jobs has Sun semi sextile Pholus in the natal chart and transit Pholus is now sesquisquare his progressed Sun, illustrating a frustrating turning point in lifestyle. 
 (BTW did you notice Pallas opposition Midheaven, symbol of patterns -like in computer systems?). 
Steve Jobs' progressed chart has Pholus square AC (turning point in circumstances). Moon is square Uranus (for strain) and trine Pluto: in other words ' memorable revolution'. Venus recently was inconjunct Neptune (sentimental feelings with a lost). 

Of course there is more in Steve Job's chart. See all posts. about the CEO of Apple. 
Steve Jobs natal, progressions and transits

Steve Jobs, progressed and transits

Steve Jobs' chart has Saturn inconjunct Midheaven. I know a PM with Saturn inconjunct Midheaven. Every government that he started, ended before the normal period ended. This happened 5 times! 

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