Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn and another person's Saturn

Today is the first day of the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. Saturn (responsibility, endings) is of great importance in the chart of Murray and in the interaction between the charts of the doctor and the artist.

See Astropost: Dr. Conrad Murray charged:

In the year of death of Michael Jackson the progressed Sun of Murray was opposition his natal Saturn, highlighting his bad sides and the disadvantages of life in general. It is a depressing aspect.

The progressed Sun of Michael Jackson was conjunct the Saturn of the doctor and ...opposition the Sun of the doctor!
I think that this illustrates how the death of MJ effected the life of Conrad Murray. Charts and aspects aren't tools for judges, and they don't point at guilt. Sun-Saturn aspects often have the effect that you are seen as the one responsible for....etc.

Saturn is an important planet in the chart of Murray. Saturn rises before his Sun. Murray was born on February 19, 1953 in St. Andrews, Grenada. This year progressed Mars square his natal Pluto forces Murray to defend himself. See Astromarkt about Mars-Pluto

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