Friday, February 5, 2010

Dr. Conrad Murray charged

The doctor who was with Michael Jackson in his final hours, will be charged for unvoluntarily murder. I have written about Dr. Conrad Murray's progressed Sun opposition Saturn and his Saturn related to Michael Jackson's Sun before in a post that you can read here...
I quote:
... this year, the progressed Sun of Murray is opposition natal Saturn, highlighting his bad sides and the disadvantages of life in general. It is a depressing aspect.

His natal Saturn is conjunct the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson and his progressed Sun is opposition MJ"s Sun. (In other words: the progressed opposition of Sun and Saturn in the chart of the doctor is related to the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson. This relates his depression and bad times to the vitality (or not) of MJ. Perhaps he is and maybe he feels responsible for the death of MJ.)

Here above is the chart of the day of birth of Murray (for noon), with progressions and transits for today. Notice that Saturn is rising before his Sun. That makes Saturn an important planet (it means: first comes business, responsibilities, professional education...) Saturn is the symbol of guilt, blame and fear, too.


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