Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Floyd Landis and the negative positive Jupiter

Jupiter is the symbol of 'positive' influences. But some people, with Jupiter at hand, are being found positive in doping cases! That is what happened to cyclist Bernard Kohl, athlete Marion Jones, cyclist Rasmusssen, cyclist Beltran and cyclist Floyd Landis. They all had a Sun-Jupiter aspect (minor or major), just like Floyd Landis has. There are links to the posts about them (scroll down).

Today Floyd Landis is in the news with Uranus trine and Neptune square the progressed Sun. There is an international arrest warrant for him, for data hacking. Here is the chart (no hour of birth) with a tight Saturn square Uranus, the combination of restricted freedom. This arrest warrant will surely limit his freedom... In my files (click to see them) I found this about Floyd Landis, before:
“His Sun opposition Jupiter says that he wants success and it IS a success aspect, but in some cases the opposition might work out as not being honest”
I like to add that an opposition is often related to 'the other side of' (in this case: success).

Jupiter is the symbol of support, confidence, coaches, doctors, advisors and coaches. Jupiter symbolizes growth, progress and everything that 'helps you on the way' (horses, cars, and sponsors). A conflict with Jupiter makes it difficult to be happy as you are. In some cases it leads to wanting to be prosperous no matter how.

Marion Jones, born October 12, 1975 in Los Angeles: Sun opposition Jupiter. This is the second tight aspect in her chart. It is the same affliction as in the charts of Floyd Landis and Rasmussen (bikers, who did not exactly follow the rules as well). It says that they want to succeed no matter how, and that it might be a success with question marks...

Rasmussen: Sun square Jupiter and opposition Neptune
Beltran: Sun opposition Jupiter

Of course there are more indications leading to the events (as you can see in the posts about the persons involved), but I think that it is amazing that in 5 cases of doping, there was a tight conflict with Jupiter.
Jupiter can be positive in a negative sense, too...

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