Friday, February 5, 2010

Radical Uranus Pluto

Mix Uranus and Pluto and what you get are the ingredients for radicalism, for extreme (Pluto) differences (Uranus) of lifestyle (Sun), habits (Moon), ideas (Mercury), sympathies and preferences (Venus), in competition, war or fights (Mars), goals and reputation (MC) or in the way that a person presents himself (Ascendant). Often Uranus-Pluto is reflecting dramatic changes in a person’s life, too.*)
Here are some examples.

A radical is a person who shows a strong political stand point, like Berlusconi. Berlusconi (see his chart… ) has Mercury inconjunct Uranus and quintile Pluto and he keeps saying the 'wrong' words; the kind of words that journalists all over the world are so fond of because they fill the newspapers. The combination of Mercury, Uranus and Pluto is reflecting radical ideas. Radical opinions were also expressed by Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn. They had Mercury conjunct Uranus/Pluto (and both were murdered because of their opinions). Pluto sometimes means 'danger' and Mercury-Uranus is the combination for differences of opinion...

How about Cat Stevens? He changed his name into Yousouf Islam and has the Sun between Uranus and Pluto.
I am also thinking about the change in the life of Father Damian (whose chart you can see in the linked post here…. He had Sun square Pluto and sextile Uranus.

When there are fewer voters, of course the more radical minded persons become active politicians easier than other persons do. That is why you see a minister in the Dutch government with Sun semi square Uranus/Pluto (who is of course also rather controversial:). George W. Bush and Netanjahu have Sun in hard aspect with Uranus/Pluto. Osama Bin Laden's Aries Point is connected to Uranus/Pluto. Even John F. Kennedy had Uranus/Pluto square Sun!

In times of conservatism, the Uranus-Pluto person might be ultra left. Today, when most of the western democracies seem to be operating on the originally left side of the political spectrum, the rebel (Uranus-Pluto) is often seen as ultra right. The controversial politician Geert Wilders lives in safe houses since the murder of Theo van Gogh. In his chart Uranus and Pluto rise before the Sun. Uranus and Pluto together often provoke the enemy and/or forces to or obliges a new life style. The Australian conservative Tony Abbott has a Scorpio Sun (the equavilent of a Sun-Pluto; Scorpio is ruled by Pluto) square Uranus. The progressed Sun of Abbott is now conjunct Pluto and square Saturn and those are difficult aspects for a politician.

One of the worlds' most controversial persons is Christopher Monckton. See the news about him on the Guardian. He is an ultra right conservative and known for his views on AIDS and climate change.
Quoting Wapedia:
After attending one of Monckton's talks, Ethan Baron of the Canadian newspaper The Province criticised Monckton's assertions as the product of a "whacked-out, far-right ideology, combined with an ego the size of the Antarctic ice sheet."
Wow! Neptune (the one that offers a negative view) was conjunct his natal Sun and Progressed Sun was opposition Neptune last year, when he was an anti-climate change activist (Mars is oriental for acting). It is no surprise to astrologers that his Sun is sesquisquare Uranus, the symbol of controversy, upheaval and being different than the rest of the group (in this case: aristocrats, peers). Mr. Monckton wants to change the world or reshape the world according to his dreams, in a rather radical way. This is being reflected by the combination of the aspects of the Sun:
- sesquisquare Uranus (change)
- trine Neptune (ideals)
- opposition Pluto (transformation)
- sesquisquare Quaoar(new worlds)
Again you see the combination of Uranus and Pluto.

One more example of the radical change that Uranus-Pluto might reflect:
In 1966 there was a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. This revolutionary combination made a sqaure with Mao Zedong's progressed Sun. Did his life change? Maybe not much. But it changed China: the cultural revolution.
The Russian October Revolution was with Uranus sesquisquare Pluto!

The midpoint Uranus/Pluto in a natal chart is the point where your own 'radicalism' is cantered. When the progressed Sun or Midheaven reaches that point, your lifestyle or goals might change in a revolutionary way, or you are being forced or urged to consider doing so. There is also an hughe chance of changes when Uranus and Pluto make (separate) aspects with planets or angles by transit. See the post about indications for changes.

Michael Jackson is another example of the influence of Uranus/Pluto. He was and is one of the most controversial artists in the worlds' history. In the natal chart Uranus and Pluto are on either side of Mercury and Venus. The four planets are rising before his Sun. Could we read this as a controversial (Uranus-Pluto) vocal talent (Venus+Mercury) focussed on a radical renewal of vocal entertainment?

I corrected the earlier guess chart of MJ to 23:50. You see, Michael Jackson's hair got on fire on June 27, 1999. In a 23:50 chart that is with progressed Ascendant sextile Mars and transit Uranus trine Ascendant (reflecting the perfect moment for an accident) and transit Neptune sextile Midheaven. Also progressed Mars is inconjunct Neptune, 75 degrees from the natal Moon and square natal Pluto (for getting hurt). It was shortly after progressed Sun trine Midheaven.
Here is the chart with transits and progressions of the day of death. When he died transit Saturn was square natal Ascendant, at the lowest part of the chart, a rather important spot in the circle. Also Saturn is ruling the eight house (see the chart below). The Moon in Pisces remains on top.!His true hour of birth is still not known!.

*) See ‘Astrological signs of changing times’ on this blog

Terrorism is one of the most extreme ways to express Mars combination with Uranus and Pluto, mixing aggression with violence and explosives. See Astromarkt for more about Mars-Uranus and Mars-Pluto combinations.



Anonymous said...

Berlusconi... a radical?! Perhaps aggressive in the way of speaking, yes, but he is one of the most conservative men ever! He put in plaster Italy for fifteen long years!! Fifteen years no reform was possible to be done for his presence... He owns one of the most powerful lobby in Italy.
Italy would need a **real** wind of change, a storm of change, an earthwquake of change or the end will be bad... Always so things went in Italy... Italy-for-tourists and Italy-as-it-is are two very very differentplaces...
**All political transitions** in Italy were traumatic. This is due to incredibly blind and with no vision politicians...
Partly an ecception for some decades. Then the Wheel turned back to its real course and path: Traumatic transitions and blind politicians...

Astromarkt said...

Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your comment! Radical CAN mean ultra left, but as I explained above radical is also

having a strong political stand point (left, right, progressive or conservative)

In that sense, Berlusconi is a radical (someone with strongly expressed controversial opinions and a strict direction in politics.

daniel said...

Thank you for writing this article because there r very few insights reguarding the uranus/pluto midpoint. I was born may 10th of 1984 and heliocentriclly, the earth was in conjunction with mars and the mars south node.......which also happens to conjunct the mars/pluto midpoint by less than a degree. Natally, venus is the only planet aspecting uranus and uranus aspects my lunar nodes. Well, let me just say I see through the black veil our leaders have created. I c class systems. I c esoteric knowledge hidden from the masses for power.this world is polluted and balance is needed for a better I get older....this has become more apparrent. I guess I'm all for the floor shaking but only if balance is created.........I don't want to be evil or good. Why not both?

Astromarkt said...

Hi Daniel, with your Mars related to Uranus/Pluto you are a strong example of the combination, indeed. Your Jupiter is rising before your Sun for the positive orientation. Maybe one day you use your drive to make changes in political activity, who knows? Thanks for your comment!

PS You mention only one aspect with Uranus. There are more (minor aspects), such as Mercury sesquisquare Uranus and Jupiter semi sextile. This combination is for inventive ideas and interest in astrology, too:)

Robert Mitcham said...

Hi AstroMarkt,

Thanks for this post - I'm sure you've noticed the rather surprising lack of useful information about the *natal* Uranus/Pluto, especially on the Internet.

I'm an amateur astrologer [and have been for about 30 years] and I have always been fascinated by the conjunction of these two planets in my own chart - it's aspected by tight 16th-harmonic aspects from a zero-orb, mercury/Saturn square.

I'm no 'radical' [I think!] like Berlusconi or Bush [thank God!] but I have often speculated whether or not there isn't some sort of effect manifested by these combinations in my life.

All new information is therefore grist to the mill - therefore, thanks again.

Astromarkt said...

Txs Cimon! Here is a link to all post on this blog about Uranus-Pluto aspect and midpoint combinations with examples of the effect.
(wonder if the HTML works here..)

Anonymous said...

mars sextile Ur/Pl Midpoint

Unknown said...

I have Uranus / MC exactly conjunct natal Pluto in 10th orb of [0'06]

Uranus / Moon is also conjunct Pluto, but an orb of 0'39

I'm very interested in understanding these midpoints better as nothing i can find online really matches up....
When my progressed MC hit the Uranus / Pluto midpoint, plus some major Pluto & Uranus transits my life transformed overnight, but not in a good way. Everything went was like being in a war zone...

Astromarkt said...

Hello Malo, I know a person whose Uranus/Pluto/MC sort of forces him to quit jobs immediately when frustrated or angered, incl sudden moves to different jobs/places in a sort of unrest, strong tensions. Somehow there must be change all the time. Getting older helps:)