Friday, February 19, 2010

Claudia Pechstein: another Sun-Jupiter doping case

Claudia Pechstein has an exact sextile between Sun and Jupiater in her natal chart. She just lost the appeal in her doping ban case. Her Jupiter seems to be another 'positive' Jupiter with this negative effect. And the sextile didn't help much either...That is no big surprise, because sextiles (and in particular: a lot of them) have been found in the charts of scapegoats, criminals and their victims and of people who choose the 'easy way (out)' above hard labour and hard choices. See the examples on this blog.... Sextiles make it easy, sometimes the hard way.

Of course there is more in her chart, because she has a lot of tight aspects, like Sun inconjunct Pluto and Jupiter inconjunct Saturn and square Pluto. And there is a Saturn-Uranus connection with the Sun. For those interested: see the chart, with Jupiter rising before the Sun, reflecting the positive (...) optimistic international orientation.

See Reuters...See the post about Floyd Landis, Beltran, Rasmussen and Marion Jones: famous names related to doping cases and with a Sun-Jupiter aspect in their charts. Click here to see the post.... And see the labels below for more about Jupiter.


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