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Sun inconjunct Saturn (like Gordon Brown)

When I read about Gordon Brown and his complaining staff, I remembered his natal Sun inconjunct Saturn. This inconjunction is about finding balance (inconjunction) between you and your position and life/lifestyle, however high or low, free or restricted, short or long it may be. And sometimes that is hard to do.

Sun inconjunct Saturn in transit is the reflection of your position when this is no longer in a straight line. It is reflecting you when you are not in the position that you should have at that moment in time. Something starts pulling your back or you miss the proper skates for the thin ice. There also seems to be no balance between what you did and what you got.
That is when you start falling, break a hip or get depressed and/or exasperated. That is when your staff starts complaining about you, if you are a manager. And that is when you and your boss are not in line about your career, too. This aspect - in transit - easily brings you out of balance because of demands, debts, obligations, punishment or a nasty manager. Most of us survive several inconjunctions of transit Saturn (though we might not easily forget them and the effect might be longlasting).

The progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn is a different story. You sort of slowly glide into the wrong position. You have to take care not to go down hill when your progressed Sun is inconjunct Saturn and watch your health.

In a natal chart the effect of Sun inconjunct Saturn is sometimes even harder. You might have to learn to live with a depressing restriction, lost or tragedy. There is always a 'but' with an inconjunction, but sometimes it is hard to find consolation and compensation, because it is a heavy (Saturn) lost (inconjunction) or a heavy load to carry, like the responsibilities of parenthood.

I am afraid that Sun inconjunct Saturn is not the most desired aspect and that is an understatement. You are lucky if it is being compensated by more fortunate and pleasant reminders of the bright side of life. (Gordon Brown has a 'calling' Jupiter (without major aspects). A calling Jupiter is the symbol of positivism at any possible level. Maybe that helps him. But it apparently doesn't help his staff right now:).

Gordon Brown has his progressed Midheaven inconjunct Saturn in the 6th house. That seems to be a perfect moment to encourage his staff to tell the world about his bad sides. (Yes, it is election time!)

Gordon Brown has Sun inconjunct Saturn in the natal chart. Gordon Brown lost a prematurely born daughter and one of his two sons has cystic fibrosis, all from 2002 on. This, he said, changed him and his wife. Here is his chart.

Check your ephemeris and remember what was going on during the transit of Saturn 150 degrees from your Sun or Midheaven. Maybe that is when you had the position of a lame duck or you were supposed to be number one and in the end you didn’t (you lost), like Susan Boyle's finale .

Here below you see 2 more examples of Sun inconjunct Saturn in the natal chart amd 7 examples of the effect of Sun-Saturn inconjunctions in transits and progression. Of course, those are pretty heavy examples. Often 'all' that you will notice is a promotion being denied because you and your management have different levels in mind. Or you have to give up something that gave you status (and you had to move to a smaller office or buy a cheaper car or house). And if you get a promotion with this aspect, beware! There might be a disadvantage that weighs more than you think it will do. You might have to give up on some important thing in life or lifestyle and you might regret this later.
My advice: in order not to fall hard, keep a low level and beware of thin ice!

1. Gordon Brown

2. Amanda Knox has a natal inconjunction between Sun and Saturn. She faces years in prison.

3. A Norwegian young man, see Wikipedia and the comment on the post of Amanda Knox,convicted to death in Congo

And here are 7 examples of the effect of Sun-Saturn inconjunctions in transits and progressions:

1. Skater Gretha Smit (1976.01.26) had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun, when newspapers revealed an accusation about trying to buy a starting place from a Polish skater (the accusation is being investigated).
2. Sportsman Franck Vandenbroucke (1074.11.06) died in the year after P Sun inconjunct P Saturn.
3. Miep Gies, see the post died at age 100, after falling during transit Saturn inconjunct Sun.
4. An important Dutch statesman had transit Saturn inconjunct Sun when he was forced to step back after signing fraudulous declarations (of another politician).
5 and 6. Elizabeth and Josef Fritzl when the trial started: t Saturn inconjunct natal Sun. See the charts and posts of the Fritzl case:
7. A Dutch football player (soccer) lost his premature born daughter with Transit Saturn inconjunct Progressed Sun

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