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Charts and post of the Fritzl case

Time to collect the charts about the Fritzl case. Although there is a sentence, the difficulties are not over yet and neither is the interest in the case.
Transit Saturn returns to be inconjunct the natal Suns of Elisabeth and Josef Fritzl in the summer of 2009. The same aspect (transit Saturn inconjunct Sun) occured during the beginning of the trial against Josef Fritzl. Perhaps the next transit will mark an 'ending' or an end.

Here is a summary of the posts about the case, and here are all of the charts. There is still no hour of birth available for the public.

In this post the dangerous connection between the charts of father and daughter.

About the synastry and shared components:
- Josef Fritzl has Mars opposition Pluto and square Saturn. So, father and daughter share the issue of deadly violence.
- He has Mars quindecile Uranus, She has Mars biquintile Uranus. When the abuse started her Mars had progressed to conjunct his Uranus. Mars-Uranus is the aspect of the short fuse. It may be a perfect aspect in a fast sport. But it seems to be a difficult combination in a male-female relationship, especially between father and daughter (as it might also mean obsessive - quindecile - sexual - Mars- overdrive - Uranus, see the next item).
More about Mars-Uranus combinations on my site Astromarkt…

Also in this post:
There is a similarity between the chart of Elisabeth Fritzl and abducted Natascha Kampusch (see the post about her case on this blog).
Elisabeth Fritzl has Mars-Pluto (use/abuse of violence, actor or victim) and Saturn-Uranus (theme of limited freedom) in her natal chart. She has Sun conjunct Mars and inconjunct Pluto, Mars biquintile Pluto; Mars is semi sextile Saturn and biquintile Uranus.

BIRTH CHART OF JOSEF FRITZL, the man of cellars and atticks
In this post: the creative imagination and double life of Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl's chart has the same structure as the chart of O.J. Simpson: harmonious major aspects in combination with difficult minor ones. Or: a life behind a life and a chart behind a chart...
I mention the need for family (Moon in Cancer), obsessive sexual overdrive (Mars quindecile Uranus), use and abuse of power (Mars/Pluto with Sun) and the importance of status (Saturn oriental). Just like actors, he knows how to pretend: Moon-Mercury square and Sun-Neptune biquintile. The Moon-Mercury square tells us what we want to hear, the Sun-Neptune biquintile is very creative in making things up.
An actor, a composer and a museum manager were born on the same day. What they share is the world of fiction and fantasy. More about the effect of Sun-Neptune combinations on this blog...

In this post I look at the chart of the woman who did not know that her husband had a second family in the basement. The couple doesn't match, but they share certain aspects (of life...). Both have a desire to be a success and the theme of deadly violence is also an important thing that they share.
Rosemarie Fritzl has Sun inconjunct Saturn. And that leads me the final post in this list.

FRITZL TRIAL starts with Saturn's inconjunction
When the Fritzl Trial started Saturn was in the 18th degree of Virgo. Saturn is the oriental planet in the charts of Elisabeth and Josef Fritzl. It means that Saturn's aspects are important. As they were born April 8 and 9, their Suns are in about the 18/19th degree of Aries. So the trial was with transit Saturn inconjunct their natal Suns. Mother Rosemarie has Sun inconjunct Saturn in her natal chart.

In July-August 2009 there will be another transit of Saturn inconjunct the natal Suns of Elisabeth and Josef Fritzl. It is a difficult aspect reflecting loss and depression. But it also offers the opportunity to 'let go'.


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