Friday, May 29, 2009

Heroes, angels and Sun inconjunct Neptune

The tabloids don't stop writing about Susan Boyle's behavior under tension right now. First they made an angel of the woman. Now they tell us that she swears. Susan Boyle has Sun inconjunct Neptune. The inconjunction is the symbol of little balance. Neptune is the symbol of the idol and...of the possible disappointment. With Sun-Neptune in your chart you sometimes forget who you really are, because others have a wrong idea about you. The aspect is frequent in the charts of actors. The public sometimes forget that they are not the persons of the sitcom or movie, but real human beings. Human beings may try to be perfect and sometimes even look perfect, but they never are. With Sun-Neptune you are a hero, but there is always a but with an inconjunction.

A Sun-Neptune inconjunction in synastry, transit or progression has the same kind of disappointing effect. Barack Obama’s Neptune is inconjunct John F. Kennedy’s Sun. Transit Neptune will be inconjunct Obama’s Sun in June 2010.

Barack Obama's hero is John F. Kennedy. Almost a year ago I wrote about the charts of Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy and the Saturn-Uranus inconjunction in the chart of Obama meaning 'desperately holding on to old concepts'. Today it is the birthday of John F. Kennedy. I had a look at their charts again and noticed another inconjunction. Obama's Neptune is inconjunct JFK's Sun. That is the expression of worshipping another person (perhaps in a disproportionate way).

LOVE (Maria Callas-Onassis)
When people are in love and Neptune of one person is in aspect with the Sun of the other, than the Sun-partner is the living image of the ideals and dreams of the Neptune-partner. The Sun-partner only sees the romantic side of the relationship. There is adoration. Now nobody is perfect, so the chance of being disappointed is great. Real life (Sun) is not a dream (Neptune) and the inconjunction in between tells the couple to release and let go or to get a more realistic picture of what is a 'wonderful life'.

The Neptune-Sun synastry occurs in the relationship between Onassis and Maria Callas (his Neptune inconjunct her Sun). She never got over him (he left her for Jacqueline Kennedy). A Dutch well known couple (Adam Curry-Patricia Paay) has the same pattern. His Neptune is inconjunct her Sun. She did not see it 'coming' but he recently left her for someone else after a long marriage. They always seemed to be a very romantic couple.
Deceit is one of the possible reflections of the Sun-Neptune connection between two persons. Sacrifice and lost is another side of the connection.

When a person is death (a historic figure) and the relationship is between a hetero male and another man, the Sun-Neptune connection indicates worshipping, too. To Obama, JFK is a heroe. Obama's dreams and ideals are impersonated by Kennedy. But as it is an inconjunction between his Neptune and the Sun of Kennedy, in real life he would come to see that a human being is never able to match the ideal.

Obama's elevated Neptune is square his Sun, reflecting the tendency to be an idealist above all. There is a strong will to realize dreams and to try to be the spitting image of a hero. And a strong tendency to see the ideal in others. In the eyes of Obama, JFK looks like being the ideal president, perhaps, but...(there is an inconjunction between Neptune and Sun and there is always a ‘but’ when there is an inconjunction). In June 2010 transit Neptune will be inconjunct the progressed Sun of Barack Obama. That will be a moment of little balance between adoration, ideal and real life. Perhaps with an important role for the media (and the tabloids), just like in the case of Susan Boyle who faces transit Neptune square her progressed Sun in the same period of 2010 and has transit Neptune semi square natal Sun right now.

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