Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chart of Marco van Basten (former coach of Ajax)

Sorry for the inconvenience! I accidently hit 'publish' when I had not finished the job. That will display an unfinished post on Astrodispatch, even without a title. So here is in short my post about Marco van Basten, with the link to the completed post on

A lot of newspapers are analysing Marco van Basten's exit (as the coach of Ajax). Miscommunications, unexplaned decissions and the distant attitude of the coach are often mentioned. There are explanations for this attitude in the natal chart, such as:
- Saturn - symbol of restrictions - in the third house of communications and related to Sun/Moon and ASC/MC
- Mercury conjunct Neptune, the recipe for misunderstandings
- the Moon in Virgo for 'understatement' when emotions are concerned

For the eventual loss of the job I see:
- Progressed Sun inconjunct Jupiter in March (success, but...)
- transit Mars inconjunct Sun last Sunday (losing the match, being the target)
- transit Neptune opposition Mars (disappointment on the job)

See Astropost for the complete post.


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