Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soldiers, heroes, Mars and Saturn

Tomorrow, May 4, the victims of war are remembered in my country (The Netherlands). One of those was George Maduro, born July 15, 1916 in Willemstad (Netherlands Antilles) who died in Dachau on February 9, 1945. After the war he was honoured with the highest order, the 'Willemsorde'. He was a hero in 1940 in The Hague, when the Nazi armies conquered Holland. He was a hero in the resistance again.

On the day of his birth Saturn was rising before the Sun, in a wide sextile with Mars and conjunct Sun. Saturn also rises before the Sun on July 15, 1970, the day that Marco Kroon was born in 's-Hertogenbosch. He recently was given the Willemsorde for heroic action in Afghanistan. His Sun is conjunct Mars and there is a sesquisemisquare between Mars and Saturn.

Another man who was honoured with the Willemsorde - shortly after the war in 1945 - was Erik Hazelhoff Roelsema (nickname 'Soldier of Orange', there is a movie about him) has Saturn 'calling' and Mars oriental. He was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, with a military orientation (action first) and duty calling. The day of birth was April 3, 1917. He died not very long ago.

These three men are soldiers. Mars - symbol of the military - has a special place in their natal charts. And so has Saturn, the planet of hierarchy and duty. When Saturn is oriental, duty comes first. Mars and Saturn: to do your duty. And sometimes more than that.

More about the 'calling' Saturn:


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