Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alexander Rybak won (Transit Saturn square progressed Sun)

Good news for all those who have transit Saturn square (progressed) Sun! Alexander Rybak has transit Saturn square progressed Sun right now and he won the European Songfestival. Of course, to be a winner with this aspect you need to be able to play the violin and sing, too!:) Who would have expected a man to win in such a way (he had a record of points) with a transit of Saturn!

The simple explanation is that Saturn's transit just means that a period of life has reached it's end, and that you have to face new responsibilities and duties. Life is becoming 'heavy' with this transit. I bet that there is a lot of work waiting for Alexander Rybak. Saturn doesn't need to have a negative effect when you are young, although I presume that he is rather tired right now! (Of course, the individual natal and progressed chart of Alexander Rybak might have beautiful transit with the planets of the party and the pleasure: Venus and Jupiter. Even though he is a rather serious person.

He is a composer, a pianist, a singer and he knows how to play the violin. His parents are also musicians, so genes, circumstances and education contributed to the final results. Perhaps he was not educated to make fame in the world of popular music, but the fact is that he has success today and that his records will be sold.

The nature of his background is important. The chart is simply adding possibilities and chances reflected by the astrological pattern of artistic talent*).

Alexander Rybak was born 13th May 1986 in Minsk, no time of birth available, but he lives in Norway. Jupiter (the international) is the first outer planet rising before his Sun.

In his natal chart you can see part of the astrological pattern of talent, even without hour of birth*).
1. His Moon is strong in Cancer (imitation, reflection, acting on stage).
2. Venus is quindecile Neptune (for a strong focus on arts).
3. The combination of Sun in Taurus with Moon in Cancer refers to Venus and Moon, the combination of sense of arts, style and beauty.
4. The tight opposition between Venus and Uranus shows artistic aspirations and sense of rhythm, more common in the charts of pop musicians.

Venus is sesquisquare Pluto and inconjunct Mars, too. Perhaps this is reflecting very strong passion. The inconjunction between Sun and Uranus tells us that he wants to be 'special' in a sort of disproportionate way. Well, he IS. He won the European Songfestival with being special:). His song was different and drew attention. It was traditional, a Norwegian style folk song, just like you would expect of a person with such a strong Saturn (for classical)

Now how can a transit Saturn square show a winner? There is an explanation. Saturn is not making Ptolemaic aspects in his natal chart. He must be an ambitious person. He probably did his ultimate best to be winner. And there is another explanation: the quindeciles. Three quindeciles tell us about strong and intense focus on a subject. He has Venus 165 degrees from Neptune, Sun 165 degrees from Saturn and 165 degrees from Pluto. He is a die hard in arts! He started at age 5. And now he is 23, he won and this is YouTube with the song

*) See my blog Art&Astrology for dozens of examples of the astrological pattern of artistic talent.

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