Sunday, July 20, 2014

Second chance posts 3: the cartoonist in danger

Some posts didn't get much attention and deserve a second chance this summer. This one was written in February 2008. It is about Mercury NA ('calling'), Sun-Pluto danger and Jupiter-Neptune sextiles in days of Jupiter square Neptune. 


Kurt Westergaard is the Danish cartoonist who is in danger after the publications of his cartoons, imagening a muslim warrior with a bomb in his hat. His life had been threatened before, but this time five potential murderers were caught. They planned to kill him AND his wife.

Kurt Westergaard was born July 13, 1935 (unknown time). Mercury is the most prominent planet in his chart. Mercury does not make major aspects in sign and is square Aries Point (Zero Aries). That says that he will be known for his opinion or for the way he is communicating. 

There is another sign for publishing: Moon in Sagittarius indicates the need to publish or announce. There is a quintile with Neptune and a sesqui square with Jupiter involved with Mercury. 

In this special case communications (Mercury) about religion (Jupiter and Neptune) showed up as a theme in this life. It also means that he is able to 'imagine' a picture (Neptune) and that he is exagerating, just like cartoonists usually do. His Jupiter is in a tight sextile with Neptune. 

And when the riots were most frightening (in February of 2006) Jupiter in Scorpio (for a strict opinion or conviction) was square Neptune in Aquarius (for the rebellion and freedom of an artist). Jupiter square Neptune could also be read as: a struggle (square) with a religious theme (Jupiter-Neptune).

Cartoonists are artists. So is Kurt Westergaard. Look at his Venus and the aspects that Venus makes!

Kurt Westergaard is in serious danger say the news papers and says his chart. Transit Pluto is now square his progressed Sun. The progressed Sun recently changed sign. This is supported by progressed Mars sesqui square Sun and inconjunct Uranus.

Notice how the Sun conjunct Pluto in his radix comes back in the actual transit with the progessed Sun. Kurt Westergaard is not the kind of man who hesitates to make life more difficult than it is. He is courageous, fanatic and strong, but at that moment in 2008 he was forced to perhaps go 'underground' (Pluto). 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Second chance posts 2: Father Pio's stigmata

Some hardly ever read posts deserve a second chance. Here is one on a subject that may not be in the top 10 of most interesting subject (a fake holy man), but it holds several typical astrological clues to fans/followers (Jupiter-Neptune), successes (Jupiter-Pluto), creativity (quintiles), use/abuse of power (Mars-Pluto) and the end of a reputation (Saturn-Midheaven). That is why I give that post another try. Here it is.

November 11, 2007

Dutch newspaper Trouw reports on the 8th of November that Saint Padre Pio (born May 25 1887 at 16h10 in Pietrecina) cheated on his audience. He applied the stigmata himself. Also it has become known that Pope John the 23rd was not convinced that Pio sticked to the celibate status of a roman catholic priest. Let us have a look at the chart of a roman catholic priest who still has many believers and followers who worship him.

The birth chart of Padre Pio shows us a man with a lot of self confidence and a strong ability to convince others. Jupiter is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign). Pluto is rising before the Sun. The prominence of Jupiter and Pluto, making a creative quintile between them, applies to a succesful man.

In religious charts ('fake' or not) there are always combination of Jupiter and Neptune (conviction + immaterial). The closest aspect in the chart of Father Pio is that of Jupiter inconjunct Neptune. Sun, Saturn and Pluto all three make a hard aspect - in the 22.5 degree serie- with the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune.

Even after death, when your reputation is being discussed, transits and progressions stay alive. So it is in Pio's case.

Now that there are doubts about Saint Pio because of the statements of drugstore owners at the time who delivered material that could be used to produce stigmata, we see transit Pluto inconjunct the natal Mars-Neptune of Pio. The progressed Sun is beginning to change sign and next year (right after the square from Jupiter) this Sun will receive a square from Pluto. Is not the circle round?:)
Important moments in time are often marked by come-backs of astrological aspects in/with the natal chart.

BTW: in Pio's solar return chart for 2007 Saturn sits on the midheaven.

Mars fighting (chart of today July 17, 2014)

My progressed Moon is moving to a trine with Mars, and that is a good sign if you need some energy and action. The actual chart of today, however, shows that Mars is in trouble. Why? Well, Mars is square Sun and in conflict with Ceres, Sedna and Eris. There is also a link (by means of minor aspects) to the Saturn inconjunct Uranus aspect (see that post). It is vibrating with heat.

Sun square Mars and Eris is an aspect combination for war (see the chart of Pearl Harbor )  The Sun is now highlighting the tendency to start fights and wars. 'Make love not war' is not in the air tonight.

Here is the chart, drawn for Rotterdam, but the aspects are valid all over the world. This chart mirrors the problems. 
Besides Sun- Eris Mars must deal with Saturnus inconjunct Uranus (related to the chart of Israel) . That is, because there is a 112.5 degree minor aspect with the Sun and a 157.5 degree minor aspect with Eris. 
Moreover: Mars is conjunct Ceres (basics, food, dynasties and genes) and Vesta (dedication). Sedna is inconjunct Mars and sextile Sun. Sedna is seen as the symbol of the feeling of betrayal.

How complicated! It is the perfect mirror of the situation in the world today. If the present Sun or Mars is in aspect with your natal or progressed chart, you could expect to be affected by the overheated and speeding nature of Mars and get involved in conflicts or suffer an injury (depending also on your individual chart and situation). Take care!

This weekend the fighting Mars sees the Moon in Aries. Mind your eyes and head and wear something red if you want to join the party up there. If you can't join them, beat them! Maybe it is a good idea to start counting to 10. 

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Second chance posts 1: Steve Wright, serial killer

Some post were hardly noticed and deserve a second chance this summer. Now that Saturn is inconjunct Uranus, it is time for the chart of serial killer Steve Wright'. He had a Sun-Saturn-Uranus moment when he had progressed Sun opposition progressed Saturn + semisquare natal Uranus, right at the time of his conviction. Saturn-Uranus combinations are about limited freedom or breaking free.

In the natal chart we see  the dangerous combination of Venus-Neptune with Mars-Pluto afflictions. Why dangerous? Because have strange ideals about love/women and the urge to win and dominate might be a problem for some men. However, he could just have had the urge to see prostitutes. There seem to be doubts (Mercury quintile Neptune is for creative miscommunications). 

FEBRUARY 22, 2008

and how about his chart?

Progressed Sun opposition progressed Saturn, semi square natal Uranus. 

A combination of Saturn and Uranus always seems to show up in the charts of those who have to deal or finish with limited freedom. In the case of Wrigth (born April 24, 1958) it meant the start of life in prison. 

Without a proper hour of birth we miss crucial factors, such as the Midheaven, the Ascendant and the degree of the Moon. In this chart of the day of his birth,  you only see Sun opposed and Venus sesqui square to Neptune (Sun-Venus-Neptune combination) with Mars oppositionPluto. 

There is a prominent position for Venus (rising before the Sun and not making major aspects in sign). Venus is 'calling' and it will be hard not to notice beauty, women and desires.

This important Venus + Neptune marks a person who is probably disappointed in love life, with a special focus on women and with the tendency to force things and act with force or violence (Mars-Pluto) or to go for it no matter what. This also applies to a man who want to win no matter what and who also happens to have a diffuse love life.

Circumstances, family life and maybe genetic influences did not limit the use of strength to the golf field, unfortunately. That is what the judge thought. Watch the combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto aspects that is often introducing the theme of unnatural death into the lifes of those born with this combination. Not necessarily because they are murdered or are murderers, of course. 


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The Saturn inconjunct Uranus effect

On Saturnus - Uranus, Scolari, Obama, Israel, Assad and you

The experiment 'Find the result of the match' taught me that you shouldn't want to be a coach in a World Cup match when the actual transit Saturn inconjunct Uranus hits your natal Sun. This transit hits my Jupiter and Saturn and yes: I feel liberated, now that the WC2014 is over. And yes, I was wrong about Netherlands-Brazil, underestimating the effect of Saturn inconjunct Uranus. Or was it because of that Saturn inconjunct Uranus hitting my Jupiter-Saturn? Anyway, there are enough examples of what to expect when this nasty transit hits you. Saturn is now in the 17th degree of Scorpio. Uranus is in the 17th of Aries. That is Saturn inconjunct Uranus with the midpoint Saturn/Uranus in the 2nd degree of Leo.

Unexpected and heavy loss ended the career of Brazilian coach Scolari, born November 9 (Sun 17th degree of Scorpio; Saturn conjunct and Uranus inconjunct his Sun. Maybe (I am not sure) he feels liberated now that he no longer coaches a team of players who don't seem to follow his orders anyway.

The aspect is also of importance for Barack Obama. He was born with Saturn inconjunct Uranus. Right now transit Saturn/Uranus hits his Venus and lowers his popularity rates. There is also pressure (transit Pluto inconjunct Sun). Maybe another shutdown? (see post on that)
Well, the transit doesn't become exact, like before, so maybe not. The world situation however demands full attention. 

There is a conflict between Hamas and Israel. Transit Jupiter conjunct Venus and square the Ascendant and Varuna looks like in the days of Yom Kippur. Israel won. But, there is more...
Click for larger format

The Saturn-Uranus inconjunct hits Israel's Saturn, so the same old trouble hits the fundamental position and status of the nation. 

Nothing much about Syria lately (except of the dozens or hundreds of young European moslims heading to the battle field). Bashar al-Assad has an important Pluto (symbol of money, power, influence and knowing the right persons). That important Pluto is now being hit by the Saturn-Uranus inconjunct. 

Saturn in aspect with Uranus mirrors a situation of change with more or less freedom and independence (depending on the other aspects and not in the least: on the situation). Inconjunctions bring lack of balance. Freedom with a loss...Scolari lost. As I didn't yet value the importance of the Saturn-inconjunct-Uranus over the aspects of the match and so I was wrong. I promise never to try to 'predict' results again, if only because my brains hurt and my eyes, too. From this day on, I plan at least 14 days of a more relaxed way to deal with my sites, blogs and Twitter. 

How about you? If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven is in the 17th degree of the capital or fixed signs, you could have to barriers or...leap to freedom. That is when your birthday is on January 7, April 6, May 7, July 9, August 9, October 10 or November 9. When your birthday + the number of days that equal your age ends on the above mentioned dates, your progressed Sun is hit by the nasty quincunx. You might voluntarily or not say goodbye to someone or something in your life, depending on the rest of your chart and ... your situation. 


 'What freedom!' was painted by Ilya Repin. 
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