Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gelila's chart

Would it make a difference to have an excellent or difficult chart in certain circumstances? I am convinced that it does and I already shared several examples here with you. This chart is that of a little girl born at 36d38m11s North and 014d37m45s East, at sea aboard the Dutch navy vessel Zr Ms Van Amstel on June 16, 2016 at 19h30 local time. As my program’s don’t do charts for longitude and latitudes, I had to choose a village nearby. Because of the name of the baby (Gelila) my choice was Gela, Italy.

It was a day and hour with a number of conflicts:

1.    Saturn conjunct Ascendant., symbol of litmitations and borders and the square with Neptune (for isolation, maybe illness).
2.    Mars is the Apex of a closed Yod with Sun and Uranus. This combination is frequent in charts of terrorists and accidents. See the article about Mars and Uranus on my site Astromarkt.
3.    Sun opposite Pholus (and Pholus trine Uranus and sextile Mars) makes me thing of action connected to acute change).
4.    It is Uranus conjunct Eris now (war incidents).

The chart doesn’t seem to be a chart of an easy child. Moon in Scorpio and Sun Gemini… tough communications are to be expected. She may be hard to educate and on the other hand it may be hard for her in between the domestic culture and the place where she is going to be.

I think that it will take very good aspects to be happy or even survive in enemy situations and woman-unfriendly cultures. This especially when you are poor. Still, her parents thought it was a good idea or even best, to step into an ancient ship with over 400 others at a time that the mother would give birth. They say that the migrants are told that it helps to have a baby when you want to enter Europe. But I saw a documentary tonight, and I heard about the lots of African girls and women who end their voyage to the promised nation as a prostitute. There is no control in the EU. Europe even wants to give millions to Eritrea in spite of the bad conditions of human rights. It is the economy, stupid…Always…Leaving a nation that is almost always in a state of war, with over 10 years of military duty, and stories of torture …it must not be as difficult as it seems to me. The invitation of Mrs Merkel helped tens of thousands of migrants to take that step. Neptune in Pisces was there when the big migration of the 4th century changed Europe. At that time, people had the chance to move on, at least more than today. I wouldn’t know where to go. It ends up here. But not no today, I hope.

Let me end the sad migrant's story with good news: her ruler 1 is Jupiter and Jupiter is elevated and well aspected by the Moon and Pluto. She was saved, wasn't she?


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