Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The benefits of Jupiter: Don Gelmini

Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus, who came to Leda in the form of a swan. This post is about the effect of having an important Jupiter when you are a priest in Italy, accused of paedophilia. Jupiter is the symbol of support and that shows in the case of Don Pierino Gelmini, in two different ways. He is being supported and he created a chain of communities as a filantropist.

Recently Pierino Gelmini celebrated his 85th birthday January 20 and that was news in Italy. He had gifts, two men jumped out of an airplane to surprise him and the Provincial Counsel of Ragusa Giovanni Occhipinti gave him a plaque and multimedia. Don Gelmini is still very popular in spite of the accusations of paedophilia. He still has a lot of followers and supporters who believe in him. Among them: Silvio Berlusconi! Gelmini 'loves' Berlusconi, at least: that is what he said.

Why is he so popular? Of course, he is a filantropist! It might also be because he has Sun in hard aspect with Jupiter/Neptune, the combination of religion and the devoted audience and followers. Also, on his day of birth Jupiter was rising before the Sun and Jupiter made a lot of nice quintile aspects. Jupiter is the symbol of help, protection and successes. When a person has Venus conjunct Jupiter, he/she likes to have parties and is almost always popular. Gelmini has Venus conjunct Jupiter, rising before the Sun. He is first of all a social success! Venus is opposition Pluto (raising the question of problems with sympathies and love, preferences or money issues). The combination of Venus with Jupiter and Pluto is a combination that grants you great social success and/or lots of money (but he is a priest, so he gathered the money for his communities, I guess).

Pierino Gelmini founded the Incontro communities where drug addicts are being 'rehabilitated'. There are communities in Italy, Spain, Thailand, Canada, Bolivia, Costa Rica, the USA, Brazil and more. Jupiter is the symbol of the international. In 1963 he started to help children. Now two of them say that he abused them. In March 2008 the judge found their stories plausible. Since then nothing much changed; Gelmini is working on his defence.
(There have been problems with the law and accusations before. Gelmini was convicted in 1971 to 4 years in prison for fraud, but he never entered jail. In 1997 a mysterious group on the web launched a hoax about an arrest for child pornography related to the business in Thailand. That was with transit Neptune on his Sun: being set in a negative light.)
Here is the chart of the day of birth of Don Gelmini.

Jupiter is very important in his chart. The optimistic Jupiter in Capricorn rises before his natal Sun. Jupiter in Capricorn is a good placement for a public person.
Jupiter is conjunct Mercury and Venus. This trio (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) is quintile Uranus (for being inventive in a creative way), sesquisquare Neptune (for creative talent) and opposition Pluto (for his successes). Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are all 3 biquintile the Node: being creative and inventive in a community or group.
Quintiles and biquintiles allow us to be creative in finding solutions.

Maybe it is significant that this important Jupiter is exactly trine Quaoar*), too? Could we read this combination of Jupiter trine Quaoar, quintile Uranus and biquintile Node as the possibility of creating new international communities (worlds)? The fact that Neptune and Pluto are making hard aspects with Jupiter could be seen as the spiritual world (or discretion or drugs problems) related to it.

Of course there is a Saturn, too, to show us where the hard sides are. Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign of the challenges, strategy, power, influence and sex.
On Astromarkt I wrote about Saturn in Scorpio:
Making a problem of your career and status, so that limitations are your challenge (...).
Priests are supposed to live with sexual limitations. As his Saturn is square the Node, the combination of the communities that he founded and his limitations as a priest has been challenging enough...

BTW Gelmini was born in Pozzuolo Martesana. As this place couldn't be used in the computer, I used the neighbour town of Gorgonzola. There is no known hour of birth.

See the labels for more examples of quintiles, Quaoar, Jupiter Neptune and Venus Pluto.

*) Off topic: Should it be just coincidence that Quaoar is a 'rising star' and that there is the movie Avatar (also about creating new dimensions)?


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