Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pluto, Mary J. Blige and Michael Jackson

Recently I saw ‘This is it’ and I was deeply impressed by the show and by the interaction between the energetic and professional Michael Jackson and all the people involved (excellent musicians, dancers, perfect organization).
I don’t know if they cut the nasty pieces, but Michael Jackson was always polite, kind and grateful to the always worshipping group of people that worked with him. He showed an admirable control over his behaviour and over the show as he wanted it, without being arrogant or nasty. On the contrary! (And what a drive, what energy!) Michael Jackson was great AND real nice.

What a difference with the way that Mary J. Blige, a great singer with a heartbreaking voice, treated her own band! See the Daily Mail… After they started playing she made them stop and asked when they were going to play the real Mary J. Blige music.

Mary J. Blige now has progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto, right after a square with Jupiter and recently transit Jupiter was conjunct the progressed Sun. Perhaps that is a little too much success and stress. Progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto is reflecting a period of lack of balance in self esteem. Maybe that is it. Or it is more easy to be polite and kind when people need nOt to be convinced that you are a person who deserves the very best? Or when you have been trained to control yourself in public so much, that you are just not capable to explode anymore? Michael Jackson had Sun square Pluto from the start and he controlled it by means of medication.

Anyway, Pluto can be the symbol of stress and difficulties and maybe that explains the anger of Mary J. Blige. Here above is the chart of the day of birth of Mary J. Blige, progressed and with transits (no hour of birth available). For Michael Jackson’s chart, click here…


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