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Chart of John Edwards

There seems to be a sex tape made during the campaign, showing Edwards and his lover. That is news, and that is why we see Uranus on his Midheaven. Uranus is often there when there is some kind of a revelation. John Edwards tried to keep it a secret and he denied for a long time that he is the father of the baby of his lover, Rielle Hunter. John Edwards is now divorcing his wife (who is a breast cancer patient).
Transit Pluto is inconjunct progressed Mars and quindecile (165 d) natal Sun now that the sex life of senator John Edwards, former candidate for the presidency, is highlighted (again). The inconjunction between Mars and Pluto forces him to defend himself (at the cost of energy) and the quindecile between Pluto and Sun shows the obsession with his sex life right now.
Where are the astrological excuses? And is his chart the right chart?

In an accurate chart we can count on the positions of Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven in the natal and progressed chart. The accuracy of the time of birth of John Edwards is in question, so we can't trust some of the data. However, there are a few indications corresponding with what happens and they are related to the positions of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven. So, the Astrodatabank chart might be correct.

1. Moon
The Moon sesquisquare Saturn and Neptune seems to be very appropriate considering the fact that his wife is seriously ill. The aspects of the Moon with Saturn and Neptune are also two of the four indications that the astrologer Ram mentioned as indicative for possible divorce (or not marrying at all) in the charts of males.
The other two are hard aspects between Mars and Uranus and between Venus and Neptune; John Edwards has Venus quindecile Neptune (and Saturn)! That is 3! But, Capricorn is on the Descendant! See 2.

2. AC
In the Astrodatabank chart Cancer is the Ascendant. The dispositor of Cancer is the Moon. The seventh house is ruled by Saturn as Capricorn is on the cusp of the Descendant. Afflictions between the rulers of the first and seventh house are also difficult for a marriage. Yet, he didn't divorce at once. Capricorn on the seventh house might have kept him in a marriage because of responsibilities, parenthood or other obligations. Capricon is for consistency! And the ruler, Saturn, is in Libra. Libra is the sign of 'being together'.

3. Progressed Sun/Moon
The progressed Sun/Moon midpoint was square progressed Saturn recently. That is an indication for a depressing period in family life.

4. Midheaven
Last but not least: transit Uranus (ruler 8th house in 1) on Midheaven doesn't seem wrong for a period in life when you are in the news with sexual activities related to your career.

John Edwards is a good looking Mr. Nice Guy and probably well to do. That is attracting a lot of ladies. With Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter rising before the Sun, he is the popular and positive looking guy. John Edwards also has Venus quintile Uranus, so he has a creative desire for 'something new', 'excitement' and adventures. Uranus is on the Ascendant shows the individualistic approach and an independent and free presentation. The unbearable load of being married, in the chart of good looking individualist...that is asking for problems. It may be lonely at the top sometimes, but not alone!:)

Look at Mars (square MC): Mars is not making aspects within 5 degrees orb. Mars is 'calling', reflecting energy (drive, work or sex) at any possible level. Jupiter is rising before the Sun and Mars is 'calling': that is a statement for success in life and.. for reproduction. He officially has five children now.

There are probably a lot of astrological 'excuses', but I think that Saturn ruling the 7th in Libra and quindecile Venus are what kept him in a marriage that might have ended sooner if his wife hadn't been ill and if there hadn't been children or other material or fundamental issues to remain man and wife. There is a very strong focus (if not an obsession) to be officially married and keep it that way. Also Ceres is on his natal ascendant and Ceres is the symbol of motherly love and care and (in the chart of males) of women.

There are strong indications for separation or adventures and equally strong indications for feeling responsible and sticking like glue to a marriage that in fact might have ended. They match with the story of his life as we know it from the press.

The Astrodatabank chart gives a golden yod between Jupiter, Pluto and Midheaven, with a focus on Pluto, the symbol of power, politics, money and sexual potential. It is the combination for a creative way to achieve success, pointing at Pluto (politics, money). John Edwards tried to become a (vice-) president twice, but he didn’t succeed. One might wonder about the effect of golden yods. They sometimes seem to reflect the opposite (in this case: the difficulties, challenges and problems of the man in a position of wealth and fame).

About hard aspects between Moon and Saturn (also an aspect for 'keeping up appearances')...
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