Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jon Favreau, the President's speech writer

Obama is a gifted speaker (see the post about his oratory skills. What he says is written by a team of speech writers. The team leader is Jonathan Favreau, born June 2, 1981. He also worked for John Kerry. I guess that he was born in the afternoon or night, with the Moon before the Sun, both in Gemini, the sign of communications.

Jon Favreau has 60% of the placements in air signs, the signs of communication. There are three very tight aspects between the planets in his chart (two of them with the planet of communications):
Mercury square Saturn (business communications)
Mercury biquintile Uranus (creative findings)
Mars biquintile Pluto: a creative way to fight in politics, using influence.

The combination of Mercury, Saturn and Uranus is the combination of restricted freedom of speech and the biquintile between Mercury and Uranus refers to a creative way to say things the different way or to express uncommon opinions. Mercury square Saturn is the aspect of 'slow answers'. I quote myself:
There are several ways of lying. You can simple not give any info, you can lie as a habit and you can twist the facts. (...) Most of them are specialized educated persons who are aware of the impact of what they say or of the responsibility that they have as an official spokesman. That is why they are careful and that is why they like to limit themselves to established facts only. (...) You just don't tell it all, sometimes because it is not official, or allowed or decent.

Aren't those aspects the essentials of what he is doing: using influence in a creative way, special kind of writing within limitations (like protocol, political restrictions)?

Jon Favreau announced that his work for Obama will be the final political job as far as he is concerned. He thinks of starting a creative writing career, writing screenplays, and yes, he can! He has Mercury square Jupiter (orb 3 d) AND biquintile Uranus. This combination is for inventive writing. Mercury is semi quintile Mars, for creative discussions. He can write very fast, too, and quickly (Mars) change (Uranus) subject (Mercury).
With Venus in Gemini opposition Neptune there is the question of artistic talent. Venus is in aspect with Jupiter AND Neptune and that promises a lot of devoted fans. He won't have problems to find an editor.

The positions in the chart are unknown, but perhaps Mercury and/or Jupiter have an important position on the angles. That would add even more success to the other nice combinations of aspect on the day that he was born: Venus and Mars in aspect with Jupiter and Pluto. That is a combination for a successful passion.
There is only one 'but' and that is Venus inconjunct Uranus. That aspect might refer to misbalanced sense of rhythm and losing balance when he falls in love. For a speech writer the aspect might mean that he gets carried away by the love of change, and that happens to be a word that he uses quite often:)! Just like President Obama, Jon Favreau has an unaspected Quaoar, so that creating a new world is an important mission in the lives of both.

When two people cooperate, it is important to have a good match. That is a fact in the relationship between Obama and Favreau.
Their Suns match and that is important for sharing a vision.
Their Moons are in the same sign (often friends have the moon in the same sign!)
His Jupiter is trine his so that their convictions are in line.

But their Venus and Mercury don't match at all. They couldn't be lovers and they might not share the same ideas always. The Saturn of Favreau is exactly trine the Moon of Obama and that is perhaps a statement for shaping the emotions of the president.

Obama's Saturn and Uranus are related to the Venus of Favreau. I wonder what that is. The natal Sun of Michelle is also in hard aspect with her husband's Saturn and Uranus. The protocol (another form of limited freedom and independence) seems to be of importance. Barack Obama has Saturn ruler 12 inconjunct Uranus ruler 1. More about that aspect in the chart of the President here.... For all posts about Obama, see the label


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