Saturday, February 13, 2010

Posts for Valentine Day

This is the photo of a romantic man style 1920, Rudolfo Valentino. Isn't he sweet?Rudolfo Valentino was a famous lover in the movies. He married twice. The first time the partner was a lesbian. The second time he was arrested. He remarried while there was not yet an official divorce. Venus in the 'double sign' Gemini doesn't make any aspects. That is reflecting love and women at any kind of level,more than once and even double...
We prefer other kinds of guys today, like:Matt Damon, the cool decent guy or other examples of modern Valentines (the James Bonds or Brad Pitt)...But even if they don't line up in front of your door, you can have a romantic Valentine. Take a look at the sky above, very romantic! The picture in red is of the Butterfly Nebula, pictured by Nasa. Or just use your computer and read the romantic posts of Astropost . You might also go to Art&Astrology, If you do, don't forget to scroll down to see the contents of Art&Astrology. It is a list of many more post to inspire you while celebrating Valentine's day...For example: the post about Catharina the Great and her young lovers...

Here is a selection of some of the more light hearted Valentine posts on this blog Astropost:
- The story about a young man getting cold feet
- The story about President Zuma and all of his first ladies
- The women in the chart of Hugh Hefner
- The chart of the smooth operator: Casanova

Happy Valentine to you!