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Amy Bishop's day of birth?

Amy Bishop is the Professor of the shooting at the University of Alabama. Many sources mention February 1965 as the month of birth. I found another date of birth, too: 04/24/19065. Was Amy Bishop born on April 24, 1965? The University of Alabama mentioned this dob earlier, before the info about her was removed (also see CBS, also mentioning 04/24/1965), using this date of birth, with source . Is this the birthday of Dr. Amy Bishop? In this post I comment the chart for April 24, 1965 at Noon (no matter what place of birth) as if it is hers.

April 24, 1965
It is the date of birth of someone with a passion (Venus trine Mars), who is not what she appears to be (Sun quindecile Neptune; something hidden in her life) with her career, ambition and status coming in the first place (Saturn rising before the Sun) and a tendency to act on impulse with a bad effect (a Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination, opposition Saturn). The 5 positions in earth signs are making her a materialist and a realist. Mercury is inconjunct Uranus, reflecting possible lack of mental balance related to tension and disproportional differences of opinion (arguying).

The tightest aspect (disregarding the possible aspects of the Moon) is Saturn opposition Pluto, the combination of the ‘ die hard’ who pays the price for ambition. Saturn and Pluto are in aspect with the Nodes, involving the community. There is more about Saturn Pluto in this post (scroll down).

She (perhaps accidently) killed her 18 year old brother Seth on December 8, 1986). These are the transits and progressions for that day, if she was born April 24, 1965.
- Transit Pluto sextile natal Mars
- Transit Saturn square progressed Mars
- In the progressed chart Pluto was exactly conjunct Node (and this aspect hasn’t moved since that day!)
It is a combination of violent (Pluto) death (Mars-Saturn) that is also in her natal chart! It goes together with transit Jupiter in hard aspect with Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes…For some reason she was never charged. That reason is mirrored by Jupiter (the planet of help, luck and profit). Perhaps the Sun quindecile Neptune is reflecting her living with a secret, and a growing obsession with that. Now that the progressed Sun is inconjunct Neptune, she lost balance and took up the gun. Here is the chart with transits for December 8, 1986.

Now she killed more people and it was obviously murder. Perhaps she did it because there had been made a negative decision about her career. There are a few transits referring to instability, depression and illness. Three heavy indications together produced a dangerous instability.

1. Transit Saturn inconjunct her Sun is reflecting a period ending and lost of balance involved (a depression, just like in the cases of Queen’s Day and the killing at Fort Hood, see this link this link...
2. Progressed Sun is now inconjunct Neptune, reflecting disappointment and lost balance because of that (not being ‘ yourself’ ) after progressed Sun square Saturn last year (when she was denied tenure). It is the combination of a negative press and being seen in a very negative light.
3. In the progressed chart Pluto is still square the Node, just like on the day that she shot her brother.

Together the inconjunctions, Saturn and Neptune are the ingredients for illness and depression (being deeply disappointed) and there is an ongoing danger or challenge in communities, families and company. Add the progression of Mars in the 21st of Virgo, opposition Chiron and transit Mars square the Sun and you add anger, hurt and grieve.

I wonder if it was a random shooting, since the Saturns of two of the victims (born 14th September 1957 and 22th June 1957) are exactly square the Mars of Amy Bishop. The combination of Mars and Saturn is refers to fear and blocked energy or death.

People get depressed or angry without having to shoot others. There must be indications for using force in the natal chart and there are:

Uranus is in the middle of Mars and Pluto. That combination is for acting on impulse, using force, influence or violence. It is often involved in crashes, too. (Going too fast, getting hurt).

Mercury is inconjunct Uranus, reflecting possible lack of mental balance related to tension.

The tightest aspect (disregarding the possible aspects of the Moon) is Saturn opposition Pluto, the combination of the ‘ die hard’ who pays the price for ambition. Both planets square the Nodes. In my (Dutch) book AstroTrio you can read about this combination of Saturn-Pluto-Node: Hard confrontations in a cruel society or community. Or see it as: the disadvantages of politics or investigations to a group of persons, This combination was also seen on the day that she shot her brother. Saturn and Pluto together can force you to disregard signals of exhaustion or pain and in transit or progression the combiation might force you to step back. There is often a price to pay for the status or career.

Many more people have this combination in their chart. It is a combination that was active in the weeks before and after her day of birth. Perhaps in her chart the combination is related to her Moon in Aquarius (which means that she was born around midday) or to her Midheaven. It would certainly make it hard to express emotions the ' normal' way. Moon-Saturn is about a wall around your private feelings and Pluto would intensify these feelings. So one day you might expect the wall to be destroyed because of the load and weight of the emotions.
More about Saturn and Pluto on Astromarkt…

Those observations perhaps explain what happened, if she was born on April 24, 1965. If she hadn't been a woman with a gun, things might have ended otherwise. In instable times the most nasty aspects of a character might take over. And that is how she turned into Mrs. Hyde. But this theory is only correct if she was born on April 24! (It's BTW also a day of birth of a woman whose drivers license expires because she didn't pay up for her children.)

WHAT IF she is not born on April 24 or what if YOU were born on April 24, 1965? If this is not her day of birth, we'll see about the right one. If it is your day of birth, please take care not to be too fanatic about status or obligations and try to control your impulses. Please realise that a chart has prominent positions, angles and a moon that we don't know when the hour of birth is missing, like in this case. You don't have the same past, genes and situation as Amy Bishop has. This post is about a possible explanation of what happened. If you are in a bad situation, find help!
An individual is the result of the influence of a situation , condition, genes, past and training on the reflection of the blueprint that the chart is. And astrology has a wide vocabulary of many possible ways to mirror what is pictured in the sky above. What you read here is one of those ways.



Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, this was a great and interesting analysis.

Astromarkt said...

Thank you Bunni:)

virago said...

As a person born 04/20/1965, I read this post fairly closely.
(Sun Taurus, Moon Sagittarius, Ascendant Pisces with Aries intercepted in the 1st house.)

There are some real lessons here for me, and a little "There but for the grace of God ..." as well.

My natal Virgo Mars-Uranus-Pluto stellium is in my 6th house. Thankfully, though I have lost my temper at the workplace, I have done so verbally (natal Mercury Rx in Aries in the first house) and not in any other way. I have no desire to do physical violence.

I've been fortunate enough to have realized my short-fuse tendencies and to have worked with individual and group therapists to channel these tendencies appropriately. (Disclaimer: I have no idea, of course, whether Ms. Bishop has ever sought or received mental health care, and, if so, the diagnosis and/or treatment.)

Natal Saturn in Pisces in the 12th house helps calm my emotional storms. However, it probably also is an indicator of depression, which I've suffered from for years.

I've been diagnosed with ADD and epilepsy as well and have been meaning to do more reading on medical astrology to see where the "red flags" for these illnesses pop up in my natal chart.

Long post, I know, but I appreciate the chance to think aloud about what can be learned from this tragedy.

Astromarkt said...

Thank you so much for your personal story, Virago! This shows how astrology can help people understand themselves and others. And you contributed to that knowledge...

On this blog you find a story about dr. Albert Schweitzer (who had a Mars-Saturn-Uranus combination) who had to try to control his hot temper, too. (

Thanks again for your comment, Virago!

Barbara said...

Glad I found your blog...and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Truly fascinating.

Astromarkt said...

You're welcome, Barbara!:)