Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Games: Gold for Sven Kramer

Speed skater Sven Kramer won the Gold Medal yesterday (Winter Games, 5000 meter in 6.14,60). It was the only medal missing in his cupboard:)
Sven Kramer is a real champion, the son of skating talents, well trained and skilled. And he also had perfect transits reflecting 'winning' yesterday. It was a day for success and it was a prosperous moment for winning. That and the fact that Sven Kramer is one of the world's greatest speed skaters already, helped him to reach the number one position. The transits were:

a. Transit Sun of February 13 semi square his natal Jupiter/Pluto (midpoint of success) and
b. Transit Jupiter was exactly trine natal Pluto (helping him to win or – if you wish – reflecting the happy winner).*)
And of course the second one is the most important transit.

He was born April 23, 1986 in Heerenveen, sun of a skating talent (Yep Kramer, born November 15, 1957). He and his father share:
- An important Jupiter (for travelling, the international and for positivism and confidence leading to success). Sven has Jupiter rising before the Sun; father Yep has a 'calling' Jupiter (without major aspects within 5 degrees).
- Sun in minor and major aspect with Pluto and Saturn (a combination that is useful in the charts of individual sportsmen who have to be concentrated). Sven has Sun opposition Pluto and biquintile Saturn; Yep has Sun half semi square Saturn and binovile Pluto). For more examples of Saturn and Pluto's effect in sport, see this link...Together, father and son share their success and a ‘die hard’ constitution (ignoring pain, consistency when it becomes difficult). Here is the chart of his day of birth at noon (no hob available) with transits and progressions.



Astromarkt said...

But, on February 23 Sven was disqualified after taking the wrong track (the one his trainer told him to take). There were no beautiful Jupiter's or Pluto's on that day. He and his trainer (born March 8 1967 in Groningen) both had a conflict with transit Mars. Not only were they hit and hurt by the mistake, they also quarelled (of course).
A bit of disappointment was to be expected because of the Progressed Sun oppositon Neptune in the chart of Sven Kramer. Maybe his mind was drifting off. Anyway, an opposition with Neptune shows the other side (opp) of being an idol or hero. There are private reasons and of course, without hour of birth it is hard to say when and in what field the opposition will manifest. With this incident we know...A pity.

Astromarkt said...

Excuse me, it is transit Neptune opp. P Sun.

Astromarkt said...

And, (I almost missed it) he had transit Saturn inconjunct Sun for disproportionate effect of a mistake.