Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alan Leo, Uranus-Neptune and the sun sign hoax

This post is about Alan Leo's natal chart and the transits on the day of the sunsign ' hoax' with a link to Alan Leo's 19th Century explanation of the difference between constellations and the astrological zodiac.

On January 11, 2011 an astronomer managed to cause upheavel about the fact that the constellations are not in line with the astrological sunsigns, with amazing timing!  You see, the transits of January 11, 2011 and what happened, were exactly in line with the natal chart of one of the first modern - and popular - astrologers, Alan Leo. Here are the positions:
Transit Mercury was square transit Uranus on that day (breaking news, flash communication)
These two (Mercury and Uranus) were in tight aspect with the chart of Alan Leo, in particular with the Saturn-Ascendant conjunction of his chart. Mercury was trine and Uranus inconjunct that conjunction! Also Neptune was opposition the Ascendant!
Mercury-Uranus with Neptune... Some timing! How did that astronomer know? Uranus-Neptune is about hypes (see for example this post), Mercury-Uranus is often related to new ideas (news) and Mercury-Neptune is about misconceptions. Uranus is the planet of astrology. Here we are...For more examples, see the labels...they lead you to the story of Bobby Browns' so called death, when he had transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and trine Neptune.

Alan Leo wrote about the 'Real Zodiac'. Here is the link..to Lovestars.com.. He wrote this in the 19th century and explained the how's and why's and that in 480 the astrological zodiac was in line with the astronomical zodiac... and still: astronomers pretend as if astrologers don't or didn't know

Mercury was square Uranus on January 11, 2011 and these two were trine and inconjunct the natal Saturn and Ascendant of Alan Leo. Also transit Neptune was opposition his Ascendant. Mercury-Uranus with Neptune…Doesn’t that sound like bad press (gossip: Neptune) about technological concepts (Mercury-Uranus)? Had Alan Leo lived, he would have been upset! Continue for the chart, more links and more info...

and in ‘Breaking News”
you find a lot of info about the recent hype. Here is some more info in a PS.

The hype was started by astronomers who acted as if they had just seen the light about sunsigns. Constellations, they said, have little to do with the sunsigns of astrology, and they are right. Constellations are constellations and sunsigns are just NAMED after constellations. BTW, the zodiac is the orbit of the earth around the sun. Tropical refers to the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Maybe it is time for better explanation about the chart (the astrological picture of the sky, as seen from earth, with the nativity in the center of the circle, on earth, on the crosspoint of meridian and latitude degree. The signs are related to the seasons on earth, but they carry the name of ancient constellations. And that is confusing. But I think that Alan Leo knew well how to explain it...See the link above.

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