Monday, January 10, 2011

Progressed Mars and aspects

This month Astropost focusses on the progressed chart (the chart for the xth day = xth year after birth). The progressed Mars works like natal Mars. Examples? Naomi Campbell, Ted Stevens, Solomon Burke and Jared Lee Loughner.

1. In Astropost: THE PROGRESSED MARS OF NAOMI CAMPBELL you can see how the progressed Mars square Uranus shows the same issue as in the natal chart: the short fuse, incident or

2. accident, like in the progressed chart of Ted Stevens.
(More about Mars-Uranus on Astromarkt...)
3. In the post about the death of Solomon Burke I mention transit Saturn with progressed Mars. The combination of Mars and Saturn mirrors the same 'restricted energy' as in the natal chart.

4. A recent example of progressed Mars with Pluto: the chart of Dr.Conrad Murray. Also, see the progressed Mars-Pluto aspects in the case of Joran van der Sloot. (and here )

5. Last weekend mrs. Gabrielle Giffords was severely hurt and bystanders lost their lives when Jared Lee Loughner caused death and destruction by means of a gun. His progressed Mars was quindecile Sun (obsession with anger and arms) and his progressed Sun was square Mars (hurt, aggression*). His natal and (retrograding) progressed Mars are in Aries.
Continue for the chart of his day of birth, transits and progressions and for more about progressed Mars changing sign.

When my progressed Mars changed sign, I happened to find another job but it was not life changing or a move to another kind of activitie, maybe because your energy is changing. I remember that I started fitness trainings and aerobics in those days. So, in general: new activities, new drives (for a while:). You can see the interpretation of Mars in each sign here to give an idea.

Mars in Aries: 
strong position. Mars rules Aries. The planet of the warrior and sportsman in the sign of activity. The fast worker, the real man (Clint Eastwood has this position), the person that cannot stop fitnessing. You are a do-type having this position.

Mars in Taurus:
The locomotive worker, starting slowly, but going on till the job is done and way beyond that point:). When mad, it is not easy to forget about it later. Good position for a sculpturer.

Mars in Gemini
You can do two things at the same time or have two jobs at the same time or be equally active in two places at the same time, like magic. In a debate you are very sharp and bright and your words might hurt. When afflicted you produces rows (verbal, of course). You are technically handy.

Mars in Cancer
You do things based on experiences or out of memory. This is not a strong position for Mars, acting emotionally. When emotions are involved you can get angry. Your stomach might get irritated, you may eat to fast, you can quarrel at home...But at best you are the man about the house. Nostradamus and Shakespeare.

Mars in Leo
The managing soldier, fighting openly and proudly. Active as a leader, but as a boss (in trouble or with bad aspects) you are aggressive sometimes!

Examples? Al Gore

Mars in Virgo
The handyman, the realistic and practical service man, the cool guy. Badly aspected you are often aggressive to your employees. Example: George W. Bush!

Mars in Libra
A difficult position for a marriage for Mars brings aggression and fights. You DO something when you see someone nice so maybe being loyal might not be easy.

But OK, you CAN work on a relationship and you can WORK together. As long as you and your partner have sport together or join in the job it is OK. Until bad times arise...

Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are examples.

Mars in Scorpio
The strong man who always finished his job. The fanatic worker born for burnout...

Mars in Sag
You work with enthusiasm and in discussions you are very sharp sometimes. But generally you are a good sportsman.

Mars in Capricorn
The symbol of the hard worker and climber! Mars is well placed in Capricorn as now energy is concentrated. 

Mars in Aquarius
Free sex? Could be one of the ways this placement works out, but mostly with Mars in Aquarius you become an auto freak or you just love teamwork, like Enzo Ferrari. 

Mars in Pisces
Waste of energy or realising dreams...Your motivation is not from this world, you must have an ideal to work for. Otherwise you drift away, maybe as a professional swimmer.

Michael Palin, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Getty

(From the chosen examples you can see that there is more than just Mars in a sign and that a chart is more than just Mars...I prefer to read charts using my Astro ID and quick scan method instead of diving into the signs.)

The examples need not have the same resonation in your chart. When I had Progressed Mars opposition natal Pluto in 1978, nothing important happened (that I remember now). Astrology is like stats sometimes. It just doesn't work vice versa. And a big event takes more than just 1 aspect (usually 3).

*) Loughner's Saturn was inconjunct the progressed Sun of Gabrielle Giffords.

Also visit: for example about Mars-Pluto


andromeda said...

I had progressed Mars in Libra for all my life (I am 31) and it has changed for very little time to Scorpio. A big amount of energy went into my relationship (which is over now). Do you think I could more easily use my energy for my job (I work as a surgeon)?

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for your comment. Very observant to actually feel the change!
When a progressed sign changes, the energy field changes. Surgery belongs to the field of Scorpio, but I think the change from Libra to Scorpio is more about strength and intensity of what you do and what you want to achieve and that this changing 'drive'is especially of importance in the period of change. Also, of course, depending on aspects,other indications in the chart and the importance of Mars (maybe prominent in your chart because of your profession). Also, if your Mars is in Virgo in the natal chart, you might have noticed (or will notice soon) the Mars-return to natal position. That may give an extra boost.

Anonymous said...

What about conjunctions of transit Saturn with progressed Venus and/or Mars? And what if each conjunction happens three times
(i.e. direct, retrograde, direct)pretty short after each other in the fifth house in Scorpio? Thank you!

Astromarkt said...

Any transit should be regarded with the situation and other t&p's in mind, but in general transits of saturn limit, end and regulate. With Venus+Mars Saturn shorkt cuts passions. See

phadreus mephistoples said...

I am interested in delineations of contributing factors, if any regarding transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th sextile progressed Mars in Scorpio i the 8th. Some astrologers seem to believe the relationship between the progressed and transiting planets is not as affective as that between the progressed and natal or the transiting and natal. In my view the progressed planets represent the mediate unfolding of the potential indicated in the natal chart while the transits represent the triggers or time at which this potential can and will actualize itself. Astrology can provide us with information which can aid our conscious intent and thereby help us to avoid being the victim of accident. In any cae I am interested in opinions concerning this particular configuration. My progressed Mars will be 8 degrees Scorpio this year Pluto will be active with this placement of Mars through the end of October albeit waning. Thank you.

phadreus mephistoples said...

I am interested in commentary concerning the affects if any regarding transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th house sextile progressed Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house which will be affecting my progressed chart through the end of October though after the third week of September it will be waning. Thank you.

Astromarkt said...
In this recent post transit Pluto conjunct progressed Mars was one of the aspects involved in a hot water incident with T Uranus opp Sun. Big events to remember require more than 2 big aspects. And just like you, James, I always consider the natal aspect, in the sense that having a natal aspect combination similar to the transit or progression makes the transit or progression " louder". For this, see the article on resonation (just search the blog with the tool top left).
so, your P Mars sextile T Pluto is more relevant if your natal chart has a Mars-Pluto aspect (any, minor or major) and if there more transits and progressions working at the same time.
With that I don't mean that something HAS to happen. Pluto mirrors intensity and stress. Sextile Mars could refelect an easy way out of anger and stress. It depends on your situation and chart etcetera how and what you do if anything and how you avoid danger, stress and making ennemies or getting hurt.
Maybe the dentist releases you frim pain, who knows

It is always the chart with the event
not vice versa
as circumstances and characters matter...

Your actual experience is welcome, later:)!