Sunday, June 29, 2014

Netherlands-Mexico June 29, 2014 and astrology

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An animal (a meerkat, see YouTube) predicted that The Netherlands will win Netherlands - Mexico on June 29. Should I believe him?  

I try to find out if it helps to use the Midheaven of the final moment as the symbol of 'the result'. The nature of the planets in the coaches' natal chart 'hitting' this Midheaven could give some insight in their status quo on the final moment. 

The Mexican coach Herrera has his best moment about half an hour after the official final moment of the match. That means, that if it is even at the final moment, Mexico could win the battle later. Herrera has transit Jupiter close to a trine with his natal Sun. That is what the Spanish coach had in 2012! But, I read that he is already certain of his contract, even if he loses, as a sort of a reward for the results up to now! That is reason for contentment already! 

I would be more positive about the chances for the Netherlands if I didn't know that transit Mars is exactly conjunct Louis van Gaal's natal Neptune. I hope that he catches a cold and is not disappointed at all. 

Of course, there is no hour of birth for the coaches, there are two teams of 11 persons and there is a whole nation supporting the teams... It is not a prediction, it is an experiment. Up to now Louis van Gaal's team and tactics keep giving amazing results. So don't bet on it, please. Just ask yourself what you would think of it if you saw the charts (they are on Astromarkt: )

PS Any video of an animal predicting that Mexico will win? And is that animal, btw, living in Mexico?:) This Mexican dog thinks it will be Holland! In fact, almost everybody thinks so. So...perhaps this is really the last fase of the experiment to see correspondence between the results of a football match and the chart of that moment (related to the coaches' charts). I actually hope so, because it is a lot of work and I don't really like football. 


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Astromarkt said...

Wow! Never felt so good when I was wrong, before! End of experiment, start of finding orange cothes! #2-1 for the Netherlands!