Friday, October 19, 2007


Did author Doris Lessing have to wait for the combination of Jupiter transit in trine with Jupiter and the return of progressed retrograding Jupiter to the very degree Jupiter had at the time of her birth (22nd October 1919)? It does seem so! Jupiter is prominent in her chart (making a sesquisquare with Zero Aries) and a tight square with Mercury, planet of communications. Doesnot that fit with her life and profession? She is an international (born in Kermanshah, Persia) and raised in Southern Rhodesia. Since 1949 she lives in England.

As a besides: Doris Lessing divorced, remarried and became a widow soon. Watch the close conjunction of Mars and Saturn. That is one of the indications in the chart of a female for more than 1 or no enduring relationschip.

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