Saturday, March 22, 2008

Born on the 23rd March...

Today I remember the birthday of Dane Rudhyar, born 23rd March 1895 in Paris at 00:42 LMT. His chart has a crucial Neptune on the descendant and that shows how visionary he was. I think he was a very sensitive person, also because of the oriental Moon. Mars is spot on the midpoint of Neptune and Pluto as a statement for work in the spiritual field. And now where is astrology? Astrology in his chart is CALLING! Uranus does not make any major aspects in sign.

There are more indications for astrology. Astrologers have to be inventive and be able to look ahead. That is what the combination Jupiter-Uranus stands for. In the chart of Rudhyar we see the Moon in Aquarius trine Jupiter, the combination of the calling Uranus and the ascendant in Sagittarius, but most of all the midpoint combinations with Jupiter and Uranus as an indication for the metier.

Here we go:
Sun 157.5 Jupiter/Uranus
Jupiter 157.5 Uranus/Nodes and 135 Asc/MC
Uranus 157.5 Moon/Jupiter and 90 d from Jupiter/MC

And on top of his birth chart there is Chiron. This object is very telling in the charts of astrologers.

But there is more about Rudhyar. He was a composer of modern (most dissonant) classical music. Let us take another look at his chart.

Neptune is the planet of the amorph, like belief, ideals, dreams, vision,fantasy, and music. His Midheaven is in the sign of Libra and the MC-routing is like this: Venus in Aries - Mars in Gemini - Mercury in Pisces Neptune in Gemini. Writing (Mercury) music (Neptune). He also wrote about visions related to the degrees of the zodiac (the sabian symbols).
There are a lot of quintiles and biquintiles in his chart. We see Sun biquintile (144d) Saturn and quintile (72d) Neptune. Saturn biquintile Neptune completes the 'golden yod' composed by quintiles. Saturn is the apex. They say that his best works occurred in the 1920s and 1970s. Maybe that is the meaning of Saturn. Saturn might also refer to classical, so that you could read this Yod like this: creating (Sun) classical (Saturn) music (Neptune). And why not be dissonant, when you have a rebellious Uranus?:)

Rudhyar is not the only famous astrologer with musical talents. Another famous example is Noel Tyl (who was an opera singer before he became a professional astrologer).


Anonymous said...


Can you describe a little more fully what you mean when a planet is 'calling'. I understand about no Ptolomeac aspects, but how does the unaspected planet actually function in the behaviour & psyche?

Any light you can shed on this would be appreciated.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Lilly, I have posted a comment in a message dated

April12 including links for more explanation

Marga Bervoets