Friday, July 17, 2009

Cherrie Blair contracted Mexican Flu

Cherrie Blair has been diagnosed with Mexican Flu (Swine Flu). She is the first person with Mexican Flu with a known birth chart, so let us see what transits are involved.

Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars
Uranus inconjunct progressed Neptune
Uranus inconjunct progressed Pluto
Pluto inconjunct progressed Midheaven

That is 4 times an inconjunction. Inconjunctions are strongly related to illnesses. When there are 3 inconjunctions you can almost bet that something will be wrong (rule of 3). Uranus - Neptune seems to me to be a perfect indication. In Cherrie Blair's natal chart Uranus is also square Neptune. It means, by the way, also, that there is a lot of upheavel in the media about it:)

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