Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hidden problem with agression (Mars-Pluto minor aspect)

Staf van Eyken is a Belgian murderer who killed three women. The first one was murdered on October 13, 1971 with progressed Mars conjunct natal Mars and transit Pluto inconjunct natal Sun. This combination of transits activated the existing semi-and biquintile combination of Sun, Mars and Pluto in the natal chart. This apparently also activated a hidden (minor aspect) problem (Pluto) with aggression (Mars)*). His nickname is 'The Vampire' because he also bit them. He got the death penalty but that was changed into life in prison.

Today he heard that he will never leave jail for the rest of his life. In this period the issue of restricted liberty is symbolised by the transit Saturn conjunct progressed Saturn and Uranus square his progressed Sun**).

His hour of birth is unknown, so we can only see the potential for violence for the day of birth. First of all, he has Sun sextile Jupiter and sextile Uranus, tightly, with an oriental Jupiter. Perhaps that makes him optimist enough to ask for permission to have weekends off (from jail). There is a tight combination of aspects between Venus, Saturn and Neptune that I have seen more often in the charts of killers. Perhaps it is the reflection of lack of empathy with the victims. Van Eyken has Venus opposition Saturn and inconjunct Neptune. This goes together with Mars semi quintile Pluto and biquintile Sun, for a creative way to use or abuse violence or force.

Circumstances like the abuse by his steph father probably activated this potential in the wrong way. Tony Danza was born 21 April 1951 in Brooklyn. He is an actor and used to be a wrestler and a professional boxer (using force and strength). It is also the day of birth of a famous mathematician, a drummer and a hockey player. The personal chart (with hour) + the circumstances + genes are the ingredients for the mix that creates the individual. Without an hour of birth we don't know the Ascendant, the degree of the Moon, the midpoints Sun/Moon or ASC/MC or the angular positions. They are extemely important for an Astro I.D. As you may see on this blog, circumstances, education, gender (hormones!), genes and social culture have a hughe impact on the individual. They make the difference.

*) Mars-Pluto's problem, click to read more about Mars and Pluto...

**) Read the recent post about Natascha Kampusch and Saturn-Uranus...

***) The Venus-Saturn-Neptune composition also existes in the chart of the BTK-killer and in that of Youssouf Fofane..

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