Friday, September 23, 2011

Uranus in Aries and chart of Einstein

This is about Uranus in Aries, Einstein's Mercury-Saturn and particle accelerators like the one above, re: CERN's amazing test results. And about what if Uranus in Aries is conjunct your Mercury-Saturn...
In Astropost: Thinking about Mercury and Saturn the chart of Albert Einstein is one of the examples of scientists with a tight aspect between Mercury and Saturn. Einstein had Mercury conjunct Saturn in the natal chart. Transit Uranus is conjunct this conjunction now that there is news about particles breaking the speed of light. It has always been assumed that nothing could be faster than the speed of light. Albert Einstein had proven this. This is the chart of Albert Einstein (AA rated, source Astrodatabank) with transits and progressions for now.

Now that there are surprising results at CERN in Switzerland (test results question the validity of E=MC2: particles were nanoseconds faster than light, see BBC) transit Uranus in Aries is conjunct Einstein's Mercury-Saturn conjunction. If the results of CERN are true, one of the most important ideas are wrong. Yesterday (when the news was published) Mars was exactly trine Uranus. The combination of Mars and Uranus is the combination of the short fuse and accelerated speed. Uranus is the symbol of change, news, surprises and worlds turned upside down. Sometimes Uranus is also the symbol of a lot of fuss....

When your (professional or official) theories and ideas are at stake or cause a controversy you might also see Uranus in aspect with Mercury and Saturn. This transit could also give some new flashing insight that enables you to renew old concepts.

Another possible way to reflect a combination of Mercury,Saturn and Uranus is 'limited freedom of speech' (when your ideas are not being appreciated by the officials or are not 'political correct')... and your opposition against it. Whenever the official theory or idea (Mercury-Saturn) is being questioned or whenever there is rebellion, Uranus is there, too.

In the post about Uranus in Aries I mentioned the correspondence between Uranus'move to Aries and particle accelerators. The first one was built in 1927/1928, when Uranus was moving to Aries...
Read it on: -aries-19271928-and-2010.html

Uranus in the fourth degree of Aries 'popped up' when predictions about the end of the world didn't come true and in the chart of the Japanese emperor during the tsunami. More Uranus in Aries:

Mercury-Uranus combinations mirror unusual ideas and unusual communications. In a community where astrology is being discussed and not taken seriously (most communities don't, except the astrologers' community:), talking about astrology causes controversy. Maybe that is why so many astrologers have a Mercury-Uranus combination in their chart. With Saturn, they might try not to mention that they study astrology at all.

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Anonymous said...

I think, that "an unusual idea coming out of head" is also important for a scientist. Here I mean Pallas Athena,
scientists protector, which Einstein had in Aries,
semi-square to Pluto in Taurus.

Astromarkt said...

Correct! In fact, Pallas is also elevated, square Ascendant (and that is in a prominent position). Thanks for your comment!