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Aspects in Amanda Knox's chart, transits and progressions

Tomorrow an Italian judge will let us know what he/she thinks of the lack of substantial evidence in the appeal case in Perugia, where Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito (born March 26, 1984) hope to be found not guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher. They are supposed to have assisted the convicted murderer Guede (December 26, 1986). Amanda Knox' chart with transits and progressions is here to show you how the correspondence with charts in just as confusing cases...For more info about the case, see the BBC:

There are several posts about the case already (see the links), so I want to be as brief as possible about the similarity between aspects in the chart of Amanda Knox and in those of suspects in other cases. This chart's source is Astrodatabank and it is AA-rated.

An important aspect is the inconjunction between Sun and Saturn in Amanda Knox's chart. It is a destructive aspect.  Raffaele Sollicito doesn't have it in his chart, but he had transit Saturnus inconjunct natal Sun in the days of the murder of Meredith Kercher. There are many examples on this blog (see label ' inconjunct Saturn') and I mention a few of them. The aspect is not about guilt or innocence. In all of those cases it is about being accused. 

  • Recently I wrote about the West Memphis Three. One of the men involved has Sun inconjunct Saturn and Mercury conjunct Neptune. 

That brings me to Mercury-Neptune, the aspect of miscommunications. Amanda Knox shares a hard aspect between Mercury and Neptune with the Barefoot Bandit, the Friedmans, the West Memphis Three convict and a Belgian convict who was released after many years. He had confessed but didn't do it. Mercury with Neptune is confusing and sometimes suggestible. Amanda Knox has the opposition.

There is a Sun-Neptune issue in this case, too. 
a. The progressed chart of Amanda Knox had Sun inconjunct Neptune and that is the combination of the 'fallen angel' and bad press. (In the weeks before the murder Amanda Knox published on Facebook about a conviction for being too loud at home.) 
b. The Sun of Meredith Kercher was inconjunct Amanda's natal Neptune. c. Neptune of the day of birth of the controversial prosecutor Mignini*) - born April 13, 1950 in Perugia- is  square the natal Sun of Amanda Knox. Neptune is confusing and Sun-Neptune sheds a negative or misty light...
More about Sun-Neptune on Astromarkt...

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito both have a Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination in their charts, showing the issue of danger or problems involving death and unnatural death causes. Amanda Knox has hard aspects between Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Raffaele Sollecito has Saturn conjunct the midpoint Mars/Pluto. Meredith Kercher had a mix of Mars-Saturn-Pluto transits and progressions on the day of her death. The Pluto of her murderer, Rudy Hermann Guede (born December 26, 1986 in Abidjan) is conjunct Meredith Kercher's Mars. (Note: The Mars in the chart of Natalee Holloway is square the Pluto of Joran van der Sloot, who probably killed her just like Stephany Flores. This synastry is always strong and dangerous). Amanda Knox then had Progressed Mars trine Saturn and in aspect with Ascendant, MC and the midpoint AC/MC. Death had arrived at the center point of her chart and in her house...
(More about this challenging combination? See the label 'Mars Saturn Pluto').

The combination of miscommunications, wrong statements, the press and hard judgement by others in the circumstance of the murder in her house brought Amanda Knox in jail, but there is a lot of doubt about the proofs. 
I will be back on October 3...For more about the transits and progressions for that day, and for the links, continue...

OCTOBER 3, 2011
The chart above shows the transits and progressions with the natal chart of Amanda Knox. 
In a normal situation the number of transits of Mars and Jupiter in a tight aspect with her Ascendant, Midheaven and Uranus could indicate relief, at least and more positively: a success. Also, transit Jupiter on the midpoint Sun/Moon in the progressed chart is a positive indication. Jupiter is important in the chart of Amanda Knox (rising before the Sun and ruling the Moon in Sagittarius), so the transits of Jupiter are important as well. The 12th house position of natal and transit Jupiter sometimes has a strange effect, however. I also don't want to underestimate Saturn's transit sesquisquare the progressed Midheaven, even if that transit isn't exact any more, even though there is growing belief in the innocence of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. There is also growing hope in the chart of Amanda Knox. 

Charts don't tell right from wrongs and they don't tell us what will happen. Charts must be seen in the light of circumstances, culture and situations. We don't know what really happened and we don't know how the judge sees the case. Let's hope that justice will be done and that justice does it right. It will be very difficult. 

There are a few aspects in the chart of Amanda Knox that make it hard to judge her. The unclarity of her statements at the beginning and the rather strange behavior (highlighted in the press) don't help and neither does the lack of material proofs...

A person is supposed to be innocent unless proven guilty, but that is the ideal situation. In an ideal world Meredith Kercher would still be alive and well.

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*) Sources for Mignini:

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