Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturn-Neptune and less posts

The last time that I was blogging here was on October 6. There is a reason for not blogging for so long. I posted my blog, closed the laptop and only a few minutes later I experienced the effect of transit Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra and opposition progressed AC/MC. This transit had been exact a few hours before and it was just a few weeks after transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars). Can you imagine what happened? I will tell you about it.

What happened was this: the world suddenly seemed to have turned into a carousel, a speedy one, with me inside. I was very lucky to be at home and not in my car*), because I was very very sick within seconds. A sort of an intense sea sickness followed in the next hours. It is (I hope) a virus. There is no cure, it simply has to go away, slowly.

Since then, October 6, I haven't been able to use the computer for more than just a few minutes. The 'punishment' is getting dizzy and sick. So, I will have what I should have when Saturn hits Neptune:...involuntary detachment until I am completely OK again. CU!

PS I have been a great example for astrology now. All books warn us to see the doctor with such transits. I saw them! When you have such aspects: take care!

*) (yeah, Jupiter transit sesquisquare Sun, too...and Jupiter conjunct Ascendant in the natal chart, a lucky bird, LOL:).

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Anonymous said...

nasty is it a middle ear infection ?

Astromarkt said...

The doctor thinks that it is neuritis vestibularis. Takes 4-6 weeks. Am in the 5th...

Lua Astrology said...

I feel for you. I had recurring bouts of labyrhinthitis during my Neptune square Neptune - terrible dizziness and a constant feeling of not being in touch with the left side of my body. It was several months before I could walk a straight line - extremely frightening. I hope you feel better soon!

Astromarkt said...

Thank you Lua!:)