Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The reflection of difficulties

In times of trouble the transits and progressions are reflecting the situation. The chart of Princess Mabel (the wife of Prince Friso, who is in hospital in serious condition and still being kept asleep) is no exception. I count over 18 transits and progressions in this period, as I already mentioned on my site Astromarkt (in Dutch, just translate using the bar...), including those with asteroids like Orcus and Pholus. Her progressed Sun is now conjunct her husband's natal Sun. Transits with his natal Sun are also transits with her Progressed Sun. This sort of relates her life experience to his, stronger than ever. 

The main aspects are:
- Transit Pluto inconjunct Ascendant
- Transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun
- Transit Neptune opposition progressed Mars
- Transit Saturn almost conjunct progressed Moon
- Transit Uranus conjunct natal Moon

When there are more than 2 difficult transits you may expect difficulties. Inconjunctions are sometimes shocking. Neptune is reflecting the misty situation. There are a lot of indications for the present, unhappy times.

Update: press conference of the hospital in Austria with bad news. Serious brain damage might keep her husband in coma for long if not ever.

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