Friday, February 24, 2012

The transit 150 degree aspect alert

The aspect of 150 degrees (quincunx, or inconjunction) is the kind of aspect that is mirroring lack of balance. I don't think that it is a nice aspect. When I see it coming, I consider it as a alarm bell ringing.

See the examples here and on my site Astromarkt: the quincunx is an aspect that doesn't offer the chance to act and do something about the situation. I am not surprised that I found so many unpleasant inconjunctions in the charts of people in trouble. You see, the 150st degree is related to the 8th and 6th house cusp. The eight house is the symbol of all about 'issues of life and death' (but not only that). The sixth house is the symbol of illnesses (and more). The challenging themes of those house are reflected in the way that the inconjunct transits and progressions show up whenever there is a crisis (8th house) or whenever someone is due to give up the daily patterns and schedules (6th) because of being ill (6th again). Even when there is joy, an inconjunction shows what had to be given up or what was the price of joy.

One inconjunction doesn't make a winter (just autumn:). But, when a person has more than one inconjunction by transit or progression, especially with Saturn or Pluto or Neptune, weaknesses, deficiencies or stress might cause illness or simply a retreat from daily business. That is in particular a risk at a certain age. But even when you are young, you can't endure to many hard transits and/or progressions at the same time and certainly not when they are inconjunctions.
In 'The reflections of difficulties' the example chart receives two inconjunctions with more afflictions. That makes it hard to remain standing in difficult times.
The chart of Prince Friso at the time of the ski-accident that caused serious brain damage, has 3 inconjunctions of which 2 between positions of Mars and Uranus.
I recently noticed 2 inconjunctions and 1 quindecile in the chart of a person who can't continue to live as before because there was lack of balance.

When I had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars it was like an energy drain and I was ill. I think that I was lucky not to have a second inconjunction at the time. Whenever I see such an aspect coming my way, I take care care and more care (but I can't avoid it all). And I also know that the quincunx or inconjunction points at the result of something that was already out of balance before I noticed that I was getting out of balance.

Astrology sometimes helps. I wouldn't take a risk if I had a double Mars-Uranus inconjunction by progression or transit. But that is me. I wouldn't go bungy jumping either. An inconjunction with Jupiter could make me fat, but I prefer that instead of an inconjunction with Saturn, Pluto, Uranus or Neptune. A diet with an inconjunction of Saturn might harm you because you eat to little. With Pluto you might get hurt because of your own fanatism and stress. You can see it coming, but can you stop it? It all depends on situation and character, I suppose. Anyway, I am planning to take the weekend off for astrology and restore the balance after 'throwing bread crumbs' on my site (a job of a few hours). Happy weekend to you all and if you are in times of inconjunctions: see what weighs more to get back that balance in your life!

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barb said...

I've got Saturn inconjuncting my Mars right now...or will hit in again (2nd time) in a month or two. Lots of physical stuff happening, and then yesterday my back went into spasm! Although, that could be Mars retro too, since I'm an Aries. Over the last 6 months I've had to pull way back on gym activities and work. Not much fun at all. Saturn rules my 6th house as well.earse I'm going to try to be careful for the next little while.