Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guess what happened? an easy one for beginners...

In 2004 I was co-managing The Astrologer's Forum (owner was Gene Ray, author of this article about the Age of Aquarius). One of the things that I liked to join or start myself was the guess chart 'game' (guessing what happened at a certain moment in a person's life). With famous persons it is hard not to cheat and 'google' it, but if you would do that, you'd ruin a chance to crush your brains while thinking it over. It isn't easy, because astrology is hard to do 'the other way around'. Symbols symbolize a lot of words and images and it is the situation that creates the real story.  Gender, genes, social position and culture are important keys, but you will see how difficult it is to find the answer. That is why I start with an easy one, a 'you can hardly miss this'-case. Sometimes charts are almost too obvious! (And sometimes they are not at all, but that is for a later post:).

What might happen in the life of a young man in a period with:
1. Progressed Venus conjunct Sun
2. Progressed Venus trine Jupiter
and on or around a specific day in that period he has:
2. Transit Neptune trine progressed Venus
3. Transit Neptune trine Sun
4. Transit Uranus inconjunct Midheaven

What you see is that there are 3 aspects with Venus. That makes you think of the rule of 3, of course and of what Venus means (for a man).  BTW, Venus is also the symbol for making it easy, just like trines do!

To read the answer use the link (try not to move the cursor here or you will see what the answer is!):


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