Friday, June 29, 2012

When Jupiter rules (the EC2012)

On this blog you find some 'sad' stories about Jupiter transits that didn't work or only helped a little bit to prevent "worse"... Those were single transits. When Jupiter hits a chart twice or three times in the same period, good luck and improvement have better chances to show up in a person's life. This blog is about personal experiences and ... the upcoming final match between Spain and Italy. But most of all,this blog is about Jupiter. Guilio Romano painted the picture above, the assembly of all gods around Jupiter's throne. Jupiter is the king of the gods in mythology and he wouldn't be king if he wasn't the best, the greatest and the first born (just like the planet).

Right now I have transit Jupiter square my Ascendant, trine my Moon and trine my progressed Mercury and I feel great! My energy level has risen. I could say that it is because of this or that (and there ARE this's and thats that I can't share here but believe me: it was all Jupiter related, like good advice, a trip, new glasses and even perfectly fitting shoes were part of the deal. All those things helped me to feel better than before. I even managed to be number 3 in the company's pool for a while, until yesterday. Yesterday the Italians beated the Germans just like that and I hadn't even thought of looking at the possibility of Italy reaching the semi finals! I had my focus on Germany and Spain! Read the post about the final match between them: Winners and losers in EC2012 football (an experiment). In that post I promised to be back about the subject if the match would be between different teams, and that is the case. The final will be between Italy (very strong against Germany and how they sang the hymn!:) and .... Spain. Will Spain be able to beat Italy? Here is the chart of the final moment. The positions under 'transits' are the natal positions of Prandelli (coach of Italy). Remember, there is no hour of birth, so the position of the Moon might be 7 degrees more or less.

Considering this,  I must stick to Spain like a stamp to a letter, because the Spanish coach has too many Jupiter in the chart right now to feel sad. His opponent however, has (see above) Saturn square the final moment's Ascendant and in a hard aspect with his Venus. That doesn't 'sound' like joy, does it?
The coach of Spain has his Jupiter (symbol of being successful) close to the Ascendant at that final moment. Five minutes before he is already happy. Unless the Italian coach has other reasons to be sad and Del Bosque has other reasons to be happy, it looks like a case of winning (Spain) and losing (Italy).  One swallow doesn't make a summer, but ....Del Bosque also has the progressed Sun conjunct natal Jupiter. That is perfect for retirement with a bonus. And the third important fact: transit Jupiter is square his Progressed Sun and Jupiter. Here is the chart without hour with progressions and transits for Del Bosque:

Of course, this is without time of birth and it is just speculation, but 3x Jupiter, I experienced, feels great. He could be happy with reaching the final, but would he be THIS happy, you may wonder? Also, the transit Sun opposition Del Bosque's Venus makes it a nice day for him. That is indication number four.

Well, we'll see how the ball rolls. If Spain wins, I win the 3rd place in the company's pool and that is not much (40 euro, as it seems) but enough to be glad about. So how is my chart for the final EC2012? MC will be on my Sun and MC. Great chance to see what that means!
If Italy wins the EC2012, I may have to reconsider my experimental astrological method to find the winner in the chart of the final moment by watching what sort of aspects and planets are interacting with the chart of the coaches.

 So it will be a very exciting evening for me! I wish all fans of football a pleasant final!


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Unknown said...

Jupiter often bring opportunities, but it's up to us to take advantage of them. It can also bring SO MUCH stuff it's hard to focus and be aware of which things are truly important. But, other than an occasional bout of gluttony, it rarely brings anything truly bad.

Have a happy weekend!

Astromarkt said...

Thank you Serena! Same to you!

Anonymous said...
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