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The Duchess and astrology

Yesterday evening I watched "The Duchess" , the movie. It is the story of the love life of Georgiana Cavendish, born June 7, 1757. Her life is so much in line with her chart, that I have to tell you about it! Here is the picture of the ancestor of Lady Diana Spencer.

She was born with Sun exactly conjunct Venus. Sun and Venus were biquintile Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are there were the party is? This is the combination for the popular socialite, on her way to the next party. With Venus opposition Pluto you get the picture of the big spender. When she died, age only 49, she left today's value of almost 4 million pound in debts!

SUN INCONJUNCT CERES: giving up on a child
But her life wasn't only drinks, gambling and dancing. She lived in the age of the French Revolution, when there weren't equal rights for women, even not for those with an Aquarian Moon. She was married on her 17th birthday. She was supposed to give the Duke a son, an heir, and it took her until 1790 to give birth to the next Duke. In 1792 she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter. The father was the later Prime Minister Charles Grey. His family raised the child, because Georgiana was forced to give the girl up. (She has Sun inconjunct Ceres in the natal chart. The inconjunct (quincunx) is the symbol of loss. Ceres is the symbol of dynasties, motherly love and genes.

When she married she was only 17 and her husband was 8 years older. Her progressed Venus was conjunct progressed Juno in the year of her marriage. His Saturn was inconjunct her Sun and hers sextile his. Her Uranus was square his Sun. ((Saturn and Uranus: the combination of limited freesom... And protocol) Saturn refers to obligations, duties and distance, something standing between them. There was no match between them. He was born December 14, 1748, a Sagittarius (she was a Gemini). Their Mercury,Venus and Mars failed to make pleasant aspects,too. 

Her Uranus square her husband's Sun and ... her Uranus conjunct her lover's Sun! Her husband was her first sexual partner. Her lover was the first man she fell in love with*).

His Venus is square her Neptune. The Venus-Neptune combination is the combination of love affairs. They both had them. Society in those days didn't mind much about the menage a trois that they had with his later second wife, who was the friend of Georgiana first. It was a different case for women...

Her lover Charles Grey (think of Earlgrey tea!) was younger than she was. Her Uranus was conjunct his Sun. And  her Mars was inconjunct his. They also didn't match much, but there was a whole lot of fire between them, until William forced her to give him up,threathening to keep her away from her children, forever, and to destroy grey's reputation so that he would never reach his goal: being the PM. 

She found out later that she was pregnant. She had to turn the child over to the family Grey. That was with progressed Sun inconjunct her natal Pluto, a tragic moment of lost self esteem and being overwhelmed by authorities, like her husband. She stayed with him and his lover Bess, until she died. Her death was also related to Pluto. It was with Sun sesquisquare Pluto in progression. She died age 49 .  Just before, she gave Bess and William her blessing. 

Had she been born in our days, she would have divorced and got a few millions to continue her lifestyle...


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