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Mars, Pholus and Phallus: male supremacy

This blog is about Mars and Pholus, the symbol Phallus and male supremacy or dominance. I found that the controversy American nuns-Pope,  Jonah Falcon's problems at the airport and Mick Jagger's 'size' have the same component: Mars-Pholus. And that is why I think that:
Mars - Pholus can mirror the issue of of (male) supremacy. And maybe even: hurt or challenged male supremacy.

I am interested in Pholus (and maybe that is because of the position of this object in my chart).  Here is the ancient Pholus, (preparing his venomous arrows?):

You know Pholus?
If you are wondering about Pholus, or if you need more info first, please read the article on my site Astromarkt and don't forget to use the links in that article:

If you are in a hurry: Pholus is an asteroid, a small object that pops up in a chart as the catalyst. Transit Pholus often reflects the small and insignificant but irrevocable  trigger point. But what starts as a tiny thing can grow out of proportions, like the sudden rise of an X-factory star. Susan Boyle, for example, has Pholus on MC. Her career certainly has a point of no return. (Sex had nothing much to do with that).

Do you know Phallus? It is a symbol. Related to Phallus we have Priapus (whose image was found in Roman gardens) and …the garden gnome (a powerful little man). (Pholus is also small and insignificant in the beginning.) The phallus and the stiff middle finger; both are symbols of dominance.

The appearance of Pholus in the charts of men (males) accents the importance, the issue or the problem of sexual achievement or better said: male dominance. In the article on Astropost I mentioned the spotlights on sex, corresponding with transits Pholus. Of course, Mars is already the symbol of the drive, reproduction and testosterone. You need Mars to get into action. When Mars and Pholus get together, this activates the issue of male supremacy and the importance of the male sexual organ.  And maybe that is because Pholus is actually uh... not a giant. This giant Polish gnome is an exception:

Here are a few examples of Mars-Pholus.

An example is Pope Benedict. Pholus is the most elevated object of the natal chart  and in Sagittarius, opposition Mars. This opposition is on either side of Midheaven. How to read this?
- The scandal of sexual abuse is an important issue in the RC church in the past decade.
- The abstinence of sex is important for him as a person and being discussed (Gemini/Sagittarius) a lot.  The Mars-Pholus opposition on the meridian places the issue of sexual abuse and the question if celibacy should remain obligatory for priest, on the agenda.
- The controversy about an American nun (Elizabeth Johnson) who dared to write about God in a book with the title 'SHE WHO IS' shows how important male dominance is in world religions, even today. This male dominance is the cross line in the chart of Pope Benedict. Mars and Pholus are aspects of his profession and position. No woman can become a pope or a priest. You need to be male. That is male dominance.
- Transit Pholus is now inconjunct the Pope's Progressed Sun and square his Progressed Midheaven. It seems that this is a year of a turning point for him but it also shows us the issue of dominance and supremacy.

Jonah Falcon was seriously offended by questions to empty his pockets (at the airport). They thought he had something in them. But, as a matter of facts, he has the world's largest penis. And that fact was being highlighted and mirrored by Pholus last week. He has Transit Pholus square P Sun now. See Wiki about him. And his Mars is 157.5 degrees from Pholus (sesquisquare and half semi square)! The size matters in his case (he earns a lot of money with it).

Pholus keeps going on these days! See this story... on In short: Peter Townsend (writing his memoirs) now  remembers all about Jagger's penis. That is with transit Pholus sesquisquare Mick's  natal Sun! In the natal chart of the singer of the Rolling Stone (who had more sex than Casanova!) the midpoint Mars/Pholus is semi square Sun, to introduce the issue of male dominance. Now, with transit Pholus, his sexual organ is in the spotlights, in a frustrating way (after Keith Richards mocked the size of his penis, see this article... ) And guess what transit is in hard aspect with Keith's Sun/Moon midpoint these days? Right: it is Pholus.

Pholus is with Mars when (male) supremacy and sexuality are being challenged
Pholus is also with Mars in times of war. Winston Churchill's Mars trine Pholus shows the importance of supremacy in his life. The trine is the kind of aspect that makes it easy for Mars-Pholus to dominate.

Pholus is now in the 17th  degree of Sagittarius. Tomorrow transit Phallus will be opposition transit Venus. Male dominance facing the symbol of female attraction…

The phallus is the symbol of power and dominance. Pholus shows up when polls are important (see that story about Obama's polls, one of the posts about Obama ) ( BTW How many K+ did you get with Transit Pholus? )

Chart Jagger

More about the garden gnome...

I also think that Pholus means Phallus because of the events in British' football and the part that Pholus played in the charts of the player involved in cheating his best friend with his wife.

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