Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jupiter when you are ill

A chart must be read given the circumstances and situation. You can't just expect happiness and good luck when Jupiter hits your chart. Jupiter is the symbol of good fortune and progress, but sometimes people die during an exact transit of Jupiter. There is a reason for that. Jupiter is the symbol of the wise man, the doctor, someone to help you and judge and guide you. Jupiter is the symbol of the verdict and the diagnosis. Doctors are human beings. Sometimes they are wrong. And sometimes doctors help you, when you are dying... Here is a personal example.

I have told you about my mother (83), who had aging problems (transit Saturn square Sun) and then fell (transit Saturn on her MC) and broke her hip on two places. Saturn is for falling and breaking and old people tend to break bones easily. Next she had surgery. They placed screws and pins. They made a picture of it on the 8th day and said it was OK now and she could try to walk again. But, she started to complain about increasing pain and the exercise was a torture. Because of the fact that her knee had swallowed they made a photo of her knee and than said nothing was wrong with her leg (...). But it was.
One week later the doctor in the nursery had to fight to get my mother back to hospital (the surgeon insisted that her hip was fine...). He insisted that a complete photo and blood analysis would be made. Then, finally they noticed the reason for her complaints: one of the pins had moved and hit the bones! It is rare, he said. And he added: you have had bad luck. That is exactly the case. She had Saturn with Sun and MC and she has a natal  chart with Sun inconjunct Saturn. Transits between planets or lights that make an aspect in the natal chart, are noticed...

Today transit Jupiter is trine her Sun and soon enough there will be an inconjunct with her progressed Midheaven. Jupiter is her ruler Ascendant. The Sun is ruling the 8th house of life and death.

The inconjunct mirrors a ' but '... and I know what else it might mirror. They don't know what to do next, yet. But, fortunately (...) , now she gets morphine to ease the pain, at last. It's no good for a woman of her age to be sedated. It's no good for an old person to have surgery, again. There is a big risk that she will never be able to live independently again. And there is a risk that she won't survive it. But what else can they do?

I hope that Jupiter really helps her. No more pain, please. As Jupiter is also making trines with my Progressed MC and Jupiter will be square my Mars next Wednesday, there is still hope. Maybe she can return home and walk.
Meanwhile I do what Jupiter's do: give her some support.

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