Friday, September 28, 2012

Update about transit Jupiter (when you are ill)

Above is the painting of Hendri Goltzius (1612). See how Jupiter watches that hip and thigh!:) 

Last time I blogged about transit Jupiter trines. Transit Jupiter was trine Progressed Sun, but inconjunct Progressed Midheaven in the chart of a woman when she underwent surgery for the second time (since something went wrong the first time). She broke her hip when she fell on August 31.

 I wondered about the effect of this Jupiter trine (and hoped for the best). We all expect fortune with Jupiter trines, but sometimes people just die during such a transit. Maybe sometimes that is when the surgery was a success, but not for the patient.

Luckily, this Jupiter and this trine helped her. There is no pain anymore! And the medical team expects her to recover and start walking again, but ... (With an inconjunct/quincunx there is always a but... ) It will take longer to be able to walk again. The new pin and screw are in a lower place where it takes longer to heel.

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