Monday, November 25, 2013

The Sagittarius astrologer: Olivia Barclay

In the series of astrologers by sun sign I like to present the chart of Olivia Barclay, a horary and classical astrologer and designer who was born December 12, 1919 and died in 2001.  Her Sagittarius Sun semi sesquisquare Uranus in Aquarius and trine Jupiter represents the Jupiter-Uranus link that I find in almost all charts of astrologers. Her progressed chart for 1980 has the progressed Sun exactly in hard aspect with the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus. That is when she started her study of Lilly. 

The classical theme and TIME (horary) is presented by Saturn, calling*)! In the 2nd house and semi square her Sun/Moon midpoint. Design is mirrored by the Moon sextile Venus and half semi square Neptune, trine MC (with Venus opposition MC). There is a prominent Jupiter on the Ascendant, ruling the 5th house. Speculative/predictive advice? 

Now in what way was Olivia Barclay a typical Sagittarian astrologer? Almost all astrologers either publish or teach or do consultations. That is maybe enough '9th house stuff' for a Sagittarius. This astrologer also founded a correspondence course for prediction using horary astrology.  Here is her chart (click to enlarge):


Lilly's Christian Astrology can be found here:

Also visit: about Jupiter-Uranus: Perhaps one of the reasons why Jupiter-Uranus is so frequently found in the charts of astrologers is that they use to give advice or teach (Jupiter) about astrology and it's techniques (Uranus).

*) Calling means : no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees

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