Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Speculations on abdication Queen Elizabeth II

There is some speculation about the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II in 2014.

1. The idea is following the news about job sharing with her son (here: ) There is also a change in activities for Prince William and Prince Andrew.

2. Now a bookmaker suspends betting on the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II of England on Prince Charles 65th birthday: 

3. On my site I published the chart of Queen Elizabeth a few months ago.

I mentioned that Saturn (an important planet in her natal chart) indicated that all things Saturnal (duties, age, limitations) were getting harder in 2013 and that on November 11, 2014 (Charles' birthday) 
a. Saturn would be conjunct her Midheaven,
b. Jupiter inconjunct the Ascendant with Pholus and
c. Jupiter trine (progressed) Mars.
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated with Saturn and Pluto (see that story).

There has been some speculation before in 2011. I wrote about that, too, at the time (see: ) and then I also thought of 2014.

4. Here is the chart of the Prince of Wales with transits and progressions for his 65th birthday. Transit Uranus is on his Midheaven (tension, change), progressed Sun changing sign (changes life style), Progressed Sun square Jupiter (progress)….
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So, maybe it is in the air. We will see if it will land. 
But if it isn't, what could those transits and progressions mean?

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Andries H. Cats said...

Progressive aspects for Queen Elizabeth II:

25-Dec-2014 015°,12'34 Pisces C-11 45 Sun
31-Dec-2014 020°,22'54 Libra Moon 90 Asc

3-Jan-2015 020°,28'24 Libra Moon 90 Drac
14-Jan-2015 020°,52'14 Libra Moon 120 Mars
17-Jan-2015 024°,26'30 Cancer Sun 120 Sat