Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When Ringo Starr became a Beatle...

When Ringo Starr became a Beatle, on August 16, 1962, what exactly did his chart 'say'? Here is the chart:

This was after a period of highlighted contacts (Progressed Sun-Mercury) and hard works and efforts (Mars-AC in progressed chart):

1. transit Jupiter sesquisquare midpoint Sun/Moon
2. transit Pluto sesquisquare Sun/Moon midpoint
! notice that Jupiter and Pluto (and Chiron, too) were in aspect with midpoint Sun/Moon. Jupiter/Pluto can bring success. Sun/Moon-Jupiter/Pluto shows very strong motivation and confidence (and therefore more chance of success).
3. transit Pholus inconjunct Sun (strong transit because Sun is opposite Pholus in the natal chart); this signals a turning point in life that got him (and his former life style) 'out of balance'
Three minor aspects showing the major impact of that day in 1962...

As the progressed Sun got closer and closer to midpoint Jupiter/Pluto (for success!) it was to be expected that joining the Beatles would bring him luck. As both progressed Sun with midpoint Jupiter/Pluto AND the midpoint Sun/Moon with transit Jupiter and Pluto were indications of confidence and success, the transit of Pholus could only mean a 'but...' when considering a successful change in life. Wikipedia quote:
He commented on the nature of his lifestyle after having achieved success with the Beatles: "I lived in nightclubs for three years. It used to be a non-stop party.

His pattern of talent doesn't exactly follow 'the rules' (see my blog Art&Astrology) but IS there. Venus conjunct MC and Midheaven biquintile Moon and square Neptune tells us that his career and position could be related to artistic talents. Progressed Venus was retrograde and that is how the opposition Venus-MC got exact in later life.

BTW the Pluto of John Lennon's day of birth is conjunct the Moon of Ringo Starr. That might indicate the strong influence that Lennon had...

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