Sunday, August 2, 2015

MH370 chart today

In March 2015 I wrote about the charts of MH370 and it's pilots:
That is where you find the chart drawings, too.

Transit Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto now 'hit' the captain's chart while Pluto (retrograding) slowly returns to the position of take off at March 8, 2014 Also Saturn is now semi square Pluto with Jupiter in Leo in a quindecile. There is stron focus on success but the semisquare/square with Saturn doesn't make it easy. 

The search continues. i don't know if they will find the plane soon. The debris doesn't tell where the rest is. The chart points at sea (Neptune and Moon on angles, square). 

 There is always hope, of course. The Moon, after all, refers to a period (of time). It is so important to find the black boxes and give the families involved some peace. A confirmation and proof of a plane crash could help them to accept the facts.

About Moon-Neptune:
A less dramatic 'getting lost' is what II have with T Neptune square Progressed Moon now. i am desperately seeking two lost golden rings...Moon-Neptune seems to have to do with vanishing objects. Neptune always creates misty situations.

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